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ROIDTEST™ is the most advanced at-home steroid substance testing kit on the market. These presumptive drug testing kits are similar to those in use by law enforcement agencies and forensics laboratories around the world for confirming the presence of illicit drugs. Through TV and movies, most of us are familiar with the scene of a police officer placing a powder sample into a test tube, and looking for a color reaction. ROIDTEST™ works on a very similar principle. In this case, the technology has been refined into a multi-component system that can individually identify approximately two-dozen different oral and injectable anabolic steroid products.

TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy

This is our TRT or Testosterone replacement therapy category. This category is for all and any related questions about TRT or HRT which Hormone replacement therapy for a man or woman can come with a lot of questions.
We don’t give any medical advice but we can give you friendly advice and our opinions to try and help out but we do always recommend seeing the proper doctor for your situation and to also get a full blood hormone panel. I would suggest or something close unless you are going to do the smart thing and go see your endocrinologist.

Reviews and Open Discussion

This category should be used to review any verified sponsor that is part of UGM.
If you have access to the dedicated sponsor categories please post your reviews there.

Scams and Scammers

Report them here!

Sponsors Domestic

All site sponsors, Verified Sponsors are only available for members with trust level 2.

Promo Section

This will now be were we post all sales, promos,giveaways whatever it is called it will be posted in this category.


All Training and Related Talk

Titan Training

Titan Training is your place to get customized and personalized training and diet created for you. Titan will help you reach your goals through customized diets and workout plans and guide you with specialized “supplementation”!

Weight Loss Compounds

All weight loss compounds from store bought fat burners to an ECA stack or even Clen and everything in between.
DNP can be discussed but do so with caution and know the risks and explain the risks in your posts.

Ladies Forum

There are so many women out there that would really like to hear about ways to lose weight workouts and supplements. If you have knowledge about these please join UGM and please inform are UGM ladies about your knowledge we would be honored to have you as a member

Blood Work and Gear Testing

How’s everyone we would like to create a blood work and a testing category. So if its a labmax test a roidtest or your blood work pre, mid ,and post cycle this is now the section to post it in.
I hope that even if anyone has older blood work if they could post it here so that our members can see all the different results and even see when some srs get caught giving bunk or the wrong gear. Im looking forward to seeing all the testing that everyone has.
Thanks fellas and ladies

Sources Hall of Shame

For sources that never respond. Have persistent issues. If they cant manage basic shit, they will be moved here.

Documentary, Books, Publishing

This category is for movies like iron gen or icarus to be discussed. There are also many books out there like the anabolic bible and so many others. This is where we can discuss and create topics on the different Media including pubmed and other medical journals instead of just Bro-science.


Other Sports Topics

Canadian Bodybuilding Forum

As Northern Muscle Forum was shut down or compromised, We have decided to open a section for Canadians. Canada has laws unique to their own and makes it harder to find quality sources there. In the meantime we welcome new canadian members to UGM.

Supplement and Vitamin

Know of any supplements or Vitamins even weight loss compounds that can be helpful to everyone in the community.
Please post here everything that you can go to the store and buy as a dietary supplement or even just as a Vitamin.

Alliance raws dom&int verified sponsor

Alliance raws pharmacy has operated on another forum for awhile and has a good record they are international and domestic shipping.
I would like to welcome them to ugmuscle as a verified sponsor.
You can get intouch with @ARPJohnson for more information on price and product list.
Any communication between a site sponsor or source is strictly between the member and source directly. Please check the laws of your country before you order any of their products. The onus is on the buyer, and the sponsor or will not be responsible in any way if you break the laws of where you live.For advertising enquiries contact [email protected] dot com.