Steroid Cycles and Discussion

Steroid Busts Steroid Profiles Scams and Scammers Report them here! Sources Hall of Shame For sources that never respond. Have persistent issues. If they cant manage basic shit, they will be moved here. Growth Hormone & Peptides This category is dedicated to the discussion of human growth hormone or rHGH, and 191aa compared to other kinds such as 192aa. We can discuss its uses ask questions about how and when to use it. We can also discuss the differences between generic,pharma grade,and branded generics. How to reconstitute the powder and the math to figure out how many iu or ui you are trying to use. The blood tests like igf levels and hgh serum levels that can be done to show if your hgh is real and not a counterfiet product or a low dosed product of bad quality. Blood results should also be posted in the blood work and testing category. Home Brew Reviews and Open Discussion This category should be used to review any verified sponsor that is part of UGM. If you have access to the dedicated sponsor categories please post your reviews there. Weight Loss Compounds All weight loss compounds from store bought fat burners to an ECA stack or even Clen and everything in between. DNP can be discussed but do so with caution and know the risks and explain the risks in your posts.
Topic Replies Activity
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