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This is our verified Sponsor Steroidify. They are a Trusted long time sponsor. They have been part of the community since the beginning. They are trusted and long time members of ugmuscle.


Napsgear has decided to become a sponsor at ugmuscle and were happy to have them napsgear has been around since the beginning basically.
There definitely a well known name if you don’t recognize them check out their website NapsGear.ORG


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This will now be were we post all advertising campaigns.
They will be posted in this category.

Women's Fitness Forum

We have many great Woman bbers, lifters, and fighters plus cross trainers and im sure many more different disciples of staying in shape.

Canadian Bodybuilding Forum

As Northern Muscle Forum was shut down or compromised, We have decided to open a section for Canadians. Canada has laws unique to their own and makes it harder to find quality sponsors there. In the meantime we welcome new canadian members to UGM.

RoidTest is the most advanced at-home steroid substance testing kit on the market. These presumptive drug testing kits are similar to those in use by law enforcement agencies and forensics laboratories around the world for confirming the presence of illicit drugs. Through TV and movies, most of us are familiar with the scene of a police officer placing a powder sample into a test tube, and looking for a color reaction. works on a very similar principle. In this case, the technology has been refined into a multi-component system that can individually identify approximately two-dozen different oral and injectable anabolic steroid products.

Pinnacle training and nutrition

Coach @Kad1 here, I’ve got over 25 years of experience in training athletes both for performance and Hypertrophy.
I can work with you individually to create an optimal training plan with a detailed nutrition program to follow.
Happy to answer any questions and help out where I can


[email protected] has earned there verification and our now a verified sponsor at ugmuscle please welcome @GearChurch and his REP @Ldog to the ugmuscle community.

ASHOP is a well known and long time respected member of the bodybuilding community. We are welcoming them to as a new verified sponsor.
If you have never tried Balkan gear take a look and give it a try. They also have other labs.
Join me in welcoming our new verified sponsor to


We have a new verified sponsor today at Ugmuscle. Please welcome Flashlabs to the community. They have an excellent reputation for quality and I’m happy to have them at Ugmuscle.
@Flashlabs welcome to UGM. You can also reach at

Oneq shop

Im very excited to introduce. OneQ biologics to ugmuscle. Some of you probably already know about OneQ they are a sponsor carrying some very high quality HGH.
They have excellent testing products that actually can come in liquid form which means that the hgh is already a liquid when received no reconstitution necessary. This is the ONEQ Blue
They also have a product called ONEQ White
which is the type of hgh that needs reconstitution.

geneza pharmaceuticals

We have a new sponsor but there definitely not a new name. Geneza pharmacueticals has become a sponsor at ugmuscle and were happy to have them at ugmuscle.
You can reach them at
Rep @Richardbrown and @nsupps
You should check them out geneza is one of the original names in top quality AAS products.

Advices Radio

The Advices Radio Network


We have a new sponsor at ugmuscle they have been around awhile and have a couple of different labs.
Please lets welcome @roid1000 the sponsor account and to Ugmuscle.


We have an amazing new addition to ugmuscle. this is a place to check out that prides themselves on having only labs that fit their verification to know that the labs they carry are tested and reliable which matches our requirements.
They are on a couple of different forums and are doing things the right way and that’s why im happy to have them at ugmuscle.

Pure Gear Online is a solid sponsor that has a long time track record of good reviews. Lets welcome @puregearonline to UGM. is also a domestic Canadian sponsor for our Canadian brothers and sisters to check out.

Alpha North Labs

Please welcome alphanorthlabs to ugmuscle they are a new but not new to domestic Canadian domestic shipping.
Let’s welcome them to ugmuscle

Performance Anabolics

The dedicated sponsor Performance Anabolics.

SRx-Shop banned

We have a great new sponsor at ugmuscle welcome @SRx to the sponsors list and check out his site at SRx-Shop you will see that he has a great selection and its top shelf gear. I have the roidtest pictures of his products coming soon I will be posting them up. In the meantime let’s welcome @SRx to ugmuscle as part of the community. We have the top sponsors out there at ugmuscle

Pharmaqo Labs no contact

We have a new sponsor at ugmuscle that is amazing. They have a great quality record and a great reputation for providing top notch service and quality.
I definitely welcome pharmaqo labs to ugmuscle and I would also check out there site to verify your products and you can visit to check out there website or email them at [email protected] to contact.
You can also talk with @MR.PHARMAQO he is the sponsor.

Do Not Use The Following

All for invalid sponsors. Do not order. View sponsors only with a green tag.

Titan Training

Titan Training is your place to get customized and personalized training and diet created for you. Titan will help you reach your goals through customized diets and workout plans and guide you with specialized “supplementation”!

Massive Pumps

The official source for Performance Anabolics
Any communication between a site sponsor is strictly between the member and sponsor directly. Please check the laws of your country before you order any of their products. The onus is on the buyer, and the sponsor nor will not be responsible in any way if you break the laws of where you live.