16wk Test C / Eq / Anadrol Cycle

Hey Gents, I haven’t been as active as I wish, but wanted to post some cycle update pics and results. I just finished up the EQ, but thinking about continuing the Test for another 4 weeks and adding in Winstrol to lean up a bit more. Diet has been inconsistent, and that could be my biggest improvement area along with adding in more cardio. Finally reached my bench goal of 365 and looking forward to the 405 mark. I feel good about the results of this cycle, and curious to see what input you guys have on improvements and/or suggestions to this cycle and future ones.

36 yo
5’9 - 223lb (218 at start of cycle)

Test C - 625mg / wk 1-16
EQ - 600mg / wk 2-12
Anadrol - 50mg ED wk 2-6


Nice progress my man :+1:

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Thanks man… looking forward to more!

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Damn brother I really like the progress pics set up like that cool as hell looking amazing.
4 more weeks of test and your going to add winny.

Have you done blood work?

I believe that as long as you are not bad on blood work you can go 20wks with test/eq/winny and finish up unless you run out of EQ.

Just be safe get blood work done for sure 20wks is a really long run and takes awhile to recover from I look forward to hearing more brother


I had blood work taken before I started the cycle. Was on TRT for about a year before bumping up to a full cycle. I know my blood is thick and I need to donate probably ASAP. I’ll post a pic of the bloodwork if you’re interested.

I ran out of EQ last week. I was thinking to add winny with the last 4 wks of test before starting pct, but almost thinking I should finish pct, then start a cut cycle. I just love being on gear with the awesome results. Shits addicting! Lol


Im always interested brother I enjoy helping anyway I can

How old is the blood work?

Blood work is from 2/23

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Yeah brother donating asap would probably be a great idea.


Blood look pretty good although it’s 3 months old now. Chemistry changes a lot in a3 months. Looks like you made great progress. I’d recommend dialing the diet in, keep the test but hold off on winny. Let you diet tighten you up a bit amd I think you’ll be pretty pleased.


That’s awesome progress!

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I’m going to donate in about an hour. Get rid of some of this old stuff.

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That’s good I would get blood work again though because it has been 3 months.
So much can change bad and good now when you get blood work though it can be compared and its much easier to know where you’re at now compared to 3 months ago brother.

Your lipids are out of range 3 months ago im guessing that they only got worse.

Blood is really thick like you said


Don’t i know it!

@Hnh101 as we age it gets even more critical.


Age? What is that?! Just a mindset, right? Unfortunately, it’s a mindset that reveals itself clearly in analytical blood tests! Ha!

To the OP: Nice results, but follow @Kad1 's advice and dial in the diet. That will tighten you up even more and get you in the best position for a good PCT.



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I agree with @Kad1 I don’t think winny is your best route. You have a lot to gain just from cleaning up your diet.


Which way are you going brother?

You hanging tight brother?

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