1st 24 hours after pinning DiamondPharm Equipoise

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STATS & GOALS: 5’11.5" 230 lbs 35" waist 17" arms (actually might be a bit bigger now based on how shirts are fitting) mid teens bf% if I had to guesstimate. Goal is to get to 250 while maintaining bf% - just want to be thick and juicy.

STARTING POINT: Usually I pin 400 mg deca and 250-500 mg test (250 if test u, 500 if test e) twice a week. I love the strength gains from test e but didn’t like the bloat and don’t necessarily want to spend tons on nebido. Also, I’ve been having trouble maintaining appetite with deca in the mix (I try to get at least 5000 cals 400 g protein daily but end up 1k calories short if I had a really busy day). So, i decided to incorporate EQ into cycle to help with appetite and reduce bloat while keeping slow steady gains coming along.

Ordered 10 vials of 250mg/mL last week. Arrived yesterday. Excellent packaging and presentation. yesterday I pinned 375 mg deca, 375 mg eq, and 125 mg nebido. very smooth pin, no pip. EQ is supposed to not kick in for a while but usually compounds hit me immediately and not surprisingly I think I’m feeling the EQ (the same thing happened when I first pinned deca).

Things I’ve noticed within the first 24 hours:

  • peeing like a racehorse, lost a lot of water weight, bloat is gone but I’m constantly feeling dehydrated (headaches, feeling week, lethargic, etc.)
  • muscles getting slightly pumped doing normal day to day things just like when on low dose var
  • insanely hungry
  • sleepy whenever i’m not shoving calories down (had to take a day off of work today and just sleep because of how fatigued I felt upon waking up in the AM)

I’m sure dropping the T dosage contributed to the water loss and I am very good about staying hydrated 24/7 (i could be a spokesperson for gatorade based on how much of it I consume daily). So, not that worried about the water loss, dehydration will subside soon i’m sure.

far more worried about the hunger. It has been 24 hrs since the pin and btw now and then i have consumed 4000 calories (400 g protein) of low fat low sugar chocolate milk, 1 turkey burger, 2 eggs, 1 low fat barbecue chicken pizza (900 cals), 900 to 1200 calories of low fat ice cream, and 3 gatorades. But I’m still hungry (and thirsty)! Wondering what the hunger will be like after pinning the eq for 5-6 weeks???!

Has anyone had a similar experience with EQ? (or maybe the combo of eq, deca, and low T)

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im worried here , deca ripped me apart. , your deca test ratio worries me. , generally deca is run at half the test dosage , so test 500mg ew. deca 250 or 300 ew. … how long have you been on the deca and are you running a ai?? and have a da on hand ?? what previouse experience do you have with 19nors ? i ask because. it sounds to me like your e2 is getting out of whack.

Been on deca since mid May. Stocked up on bromocriptine but never had to use it.

Generally I like keeping test low just a bit above high dose trt. At that level with high dose deca the gains have been great and consistent. Deca aromatizes 20% as much as test and eq 50% as much as test. So, I haven’t felt the need to use an AI as long as test is relatively low. No acne and the bloat becomes prominent during weeks when I up the test dose.

What do you think is going on in terms of estrogen levels that would explain the insatiable appetite and water loss?

For what it’s worth the dehydration and fatigue has subsided now as expected. Still crazy hungry though.

T-bill. Hunger is an interesting topic, and reaches much farther than just pinning a little EQ. There are a few questions I have, the first is has your training volume and intensity changed? If so, hunger may increase merely for the fact that you have drained the glycogen from the muscles, and likely burned some intra-muscular triglycerides. The second notion us that you may be having a leptin resistance. Leptin tells your body that you are satiated, and there is no need for further feeding. Looks like you are doing a dirty bulk, which may have an effect on your insulin as well. I am mostly a proponent of clean dieting, but, of course there is a place for dirt in a diet. In my opinion, dirty food should be limited to that “cheat meal”, which still should reflect the macro profile of your diet (i.e., if your diet plan includes 72g of fat, do your best to stay in that range, same for carbs. If your target for the day is 450g of carbs, do your best to stay in that range). Finally, eat lower GI carbs (slow carbs like whole grains) and add a little fat to further slow that uptake of carbs. You may find that you will reach a state of satiety that way. However, you stated in your goal that you want to gain 20 pounds, well to do that you have to eat. To gain quality muscle, you’ll want adhere to a cleaner diet, but I guess you want to be “thick and juicy”. But I imagine you’re going to want to be more thick than juicy (lol).
Like Woden stated, keep an eye on E2, AND PROLACTIN, as 19-nors are famous for increases in PRL.

Couple questions about you cycle: What AI, DA are you using? Be careful NOT to follow a cookie cutter approach to AI use; if you do the E3D approach to Adex or Aro, you could crash your E2 very quickly. Know your E2 sensitivity and take cues from your body. Remember, E2 is necessary for not only muscle gains, but other important functions of the body. If ever you find yourself wondering if your E2 is elevated, pay the extra cash to get blood work. Then you will know for sure that E2 is elevated, thus you will know how your body feels when it is elevated.

Good Luck, and I hope this helps :slight_smile:


the only true tell is blood work , everything else is a guess … your on since mid may thats around 9 weeks if im correct ?? time for blood work …its a small cost and it will aid you in all future cycles …

yes, definitely more thick than juicy!

good point regarding the gi of the food, usually my meals consist primariy of whole wheat bread / steamed rice and some kind of medium-fat meat preparation that works to reduce the gi impact of the meal. Occassionally, I throw in some beans / lentils as well. Ice cream is once a week thing, but the chocolate milk is indeed a daily thing - it’s the only way I can hit my macros consistently. Otherwise, I would struggle to get past 3k cals and 300g protein - very difficult to live the consultant lifestyle (10+ hrs of flying every week, more nights in hotels than at my own place,
eating out 9 out of 10 meals, etc.)

I stocked up on lots of adex and bromocriptine but just never really got into using them regularly because I’ve never noticed any gyno or have had acne very rarely. The only thing I do notice at times is the bloat but that happens only when I up the test dose so I keep that at bay by lowering the test dose and using a longer ester like test undecoanate.

but yeah,
you’re absolutely right, it is time to that bloodwork done. I’ll get it done today or tomorow and see what’s up.

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One symptom of e2 elevation for me is swollen hands, and often i get acne in weird places like s bicep or the usual backne. Half an adex works. Drinking up to 2 gallons per day can aid in keeping water retention to a minimum as well. The body will take note of water intake thus not storing it. If you are urinating a lot, its not a bad idea to supplement with potassium citrate. Take 800-1000mg with your pre workout drink for added pumps :slight_smile:

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