3 Minute Breakfast - Super Easy!

I typically eat oatmeal or grits in the morning, but just recently I mixed everything up in my oatmeal. This was super quick and easy for anyone to do, and the taste is there.

Calories: 572
Carbs: 64.6 g
Fat: 16.1 g
Proptein: 46.8 g

  1. 1 cup Quaker oat meal
  2. 14 g ground flax seed
  3. 1 cup egg whites
  4. 39.5 g GAF Whey

How I make this is add the oatmeal and egg whites / give a quick stir and put in the microwave for 40 seconds. Then add in the flax seed again a quick stir and put back into the microwave for another 40 seconds. Pull out it should be firm but still have liquid, then add the scoop of whey into and mix (may need to a dash of water if oatmeal is too think). Banana or fruit is optional , but I eat a banana every time I make this. Enjoy!

Pictures below:

image image image image



I actually eat this a couple of times a week its a great meal. I always add a banana also this is a good one right here :facepunch:

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I’ve been eating caramel rice cakes with cream cheese and a dash of honey. I’ve actually became addicted to them.

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I never tried that. Next time when at the Safeway or Walmart I’ll see if that have caramel rice cakes. The cream cheese is a must!! I love anything dairy - it 's my kryptonite.

It’s really good .hell the rice cakes alone are awesome

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