38 years old , crashed metabolism & over weight

-38 years old
-6 foot 5 inches
-27% body fat
-270 pounds
-2300 cals
workout routine : Pull, Push ,Leg, Rest, repeat

last year I ran Test E and Mastro for 32 weeks (way to long) mwf 1 cc of each.

may 10th this year i was looking at my next cycle. Im thinking T3 , Mastro, Anavar, and Test E for 8 weeks whats your thoughts ?


Nice safe stack , may I ask why you use T3? Are you on GH as well? By the way welcome aboard brotha

No Gh

T3 can help me lose this 27%bf

Since test e takes 3 weeks to hit do
You run it 8 weeks and test c for 4 weeks?

That is a good cycle; however, why do you say crashed metabolism? How is your thyroid function? TSH, T3, T4? Make sure your diet is on point if your goal is to shred the body fat. I know you said 2300kcal, but what do your meals look like? I seem to respond better to “cutting” agents when I am leaner. I would rely on hard work and diet. Do you have other goals?


Thryod function is normal but I can’t lose weight … cause I’ve been over weight most my life so I’ve stayed in a calorie deficit so long and crashed dieted so many times … for a man my size And activity I don’t eat much

I would add test P for 2-3 weeks till the E gets in and put out the t-3 u dont need it in the start my friend it works good when u are under 8-10% till then u dont need it u will get fat down then u will have water problems when u will be off T-3 and so on…

You can add some Helios insted. (yohimba&clen)



Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around

You should get bloodwork done so that you can understand where your body is at before starting again that’s my recommendation once you know where your at then you can start planning from there

Welcome but I would personally work with a proper coach or talk to a doctor. Gear is not the answer.

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I’d look into getting checked out by a doctor. T3 with an already damaged metabolism sounds like throwing gas on the fire imo. John Berardi has a plan called G Flux that aims to increase metabolic rate via increasing calories alongside increasing energy expenditure. That, alongside some supps like forskholin would be where I would start.

Welcome aboard. I try to think about my metabolism sorta like a muscle. You can adjust your nutritional intake and exercise routine and make it stronger. If your not losing weight you should consider making adjustments in food and exercise. 2300 calories isn’t much for a guy your size.

Insulin resistance? Have you tried apple cider vinegar, it changes body ph. Dr.berg on YouTube explains this pretty good and welcome


What is your diet like as far as macros? Low carb, low fat…? I would suggest low carb. With your stats at 2300 cal as long as your active you should be dropping weight. If you work in an office you may need to drop some more cals. At 27% BF you likely have insulin resistance to some degree as well as leptin resistance. Intermittent fast 16/8 and eat low carb. Definitely dont eat at night. Metformin may help also.

I have a friend like you. He grew up obese. Fat cells develop by age 5. For him to get lean he has to make cardio his best friend. Lots of cardio, fasted upon waking, and post weight workout.


How much cardio do you do post up a couple of workout routines do you change things up every few weeks or same old thing I’m not a huge fan of clen and t3 it makes me feel like I’m gonna stroke out This probably gonna sound crazy but have you ever tried to eat more calories per day and break it down into 8-10 small meals you may be in such a restriction you body won’t let go Find a dunk tank and let them do your bf% it will give you a more precise body comp to adjust your calories too also post up a day or two of meal prep so we can get a look at your diet do you weigh out your portions do macros and all the good stuff Everyone is different what works for me may not work for you
Main thing is the grind stay consistent boss there is no magic potion just hard work and good people to push you towards your goals

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