4 week bridge

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So I just came down from a blast phase and now I’m into my bridge. Here is an example for me that I’m doing for my bridge

Cyp mon/fri (500mg total)
Anavar 40mg with meal 1 another 40mg 1 hour before training or 8 hours after meal 1 non training days
Aromosin 12mg eod
Hcg 500iu eod
Hcg 2iu serostem 2iu generic (which is strong as hell from @AlexYang)

I will run this for 4 weeks. Food is still high lowered carbs just a little bit on non training days. Still doing 30 min fasted cardio 5 days a week. Weight is holding about 230 in the mornings.

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Haha that’s certainly one way to cruise :joy::joy: 500 test and var and only 4 weeks!! That’s a cycle for some!! :wink:

What was your last blast/cycle you’re coming “off”?

Edit: I guess you did say bridge not cruise, so are you more or less just extending your cycle and switching compounds and doing this between or is this what you call your “cruise”?

This is my bridge after tapering down from my blast phase not sure what coach had in mind after this
Now this was a blast I didn’t run it long and I was extremely low test for 8 month 200mg cyp a week. So this blast was what I needed
1400mg sust week
900mg eq week
100mg anadrol on training days
50mg proviron everyday
Hgh 4iu
Caber 1/2 every 2 days
Arimadex 1/2 rod
Ran this for 4 weeks then ran this for 4 weeks
800mg sust week
600mg eq week
TrenE 400mg week
Proviron 50mg everyday
Hgh 4iu
Caber 1/2 every 2 days
Arimadex 1/2 rod

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Nice bro. Sure that treated you well. I was curious, what did you run the caber for the first 4 weeks? Understand having it in there with the tren, but was wondering why the first 4?

As a precaution cause at higher levels I tend to get a touch of gyno was suppose to Run prami but couldn’t find any

From which compound? Thinking that the anadrol could possibly cause prolactin issues? I know that’s still a highly debated topic on if it does or not. Or from the gh? Don’t some say that cusses a rise in prolactin?

Never heard that with GH but that’s not to say it can’t. I’ve never experienced it with anadrol mostly when my test levels got high but that was when I’d run them higher longer and not be proactive and was being cheap and not getting the anti estrogen blockers like I should have. I’m older and wiser now lol so I learned to stay ahead of the issue before it’s an issue

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Makes sense bro. Sorry for all the questions but I know you’re s wealth of info so just trying to learn haha

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Man it’s cool I don’t know everything but I deff don’t mind sharing what little bit I do know

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