87 cutlass introduction

87 cutlass introduction

Sry to hijack the post but I’m new as well so I hope this serves as an introduction for me too.
Darn I was caught trying to fly in under the radar, @Bigmurph thanks for real. The bodybuilding community has always been good to me so thank you. I’ve always been a little meek or shy.
Hey everyone I’m new. thanks for putting this together it’s awesome to have the wealth of knowledge and I’m happy to be a part of it. I’ve been lifting since high school, seriously for about 10 years. I’m 35 now, and basically lifting literally saved my life, as per the numerous medical professionals that helped me with my recovery. I was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident in ‘17 and because of my size (200lbs+) and condition I survived with some serious injuries but for the most part pretty damn good. I’m currently 5’8” 175, I’ve always maintained physically and done the pt just getting serious again and feeling good enough to get back under some good weight. I want to say thank you again, I’m grateful to be here.


Welcome to ugmuscle brother I made this your introduction

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Welcome sir! Your gonna love it here!

Glad to have ya I’m new 2 glad to hear about your recovery


Nice intro, great place here, take advantage of all the knowledge that’s floating around here, no wrong questions.


Welcome !

Welcome glad to have you

Welcome !!

Glad you’re here. This is a great board

Welcome aboard brotha!

Welcome. You came to a great place.

Welcome aboard!!

Welcome to the board .
Been in a few serious motorcycle accidents myself (5).

Welcome bro.

Welcome aboard! Glad you are recovering for that serious accident, you will like it here!

Damn I got 2 serious and I thought that was lucky. 5 times going down you must have some pain. Dropping a motorcycle is serious and I feel both times I went down still until today.

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Only 5


Yes I had a head on collision with a van back in 94. Got very lucky on that day. Still feel pains from that one. Metal screws and plates and a rod holding things together.
Other 4 were mainly broken bones and road rash.

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