A day in the life of a Grrl

A day in the life of a Grrl

I.m just marking a place … I ll be back to post up diet and training … because someone told me that they’d bug me mercilessly until I do :wink:


Shit I’m going to be in here errry day!


Me too!

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Yup! Subbing into this one!

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Be here watching lol

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Holy fucking lurkers, calm down guys

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And yet here I am

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ok… so I am in the third week of a block periodization cycle… I do six weeks or so and then do a deload at week six or seven depending on how I am recovering …

Diet… I may or may not get that specific but for the next two weeks my macros are
175/185/65 carbs will be here for about two weeks and then I ll go up another 10 or so.

Training (strength cycle- I am off season for about a year or so)

Warm up-
Rolling plank 3x20
Adductor dips 3x10
Single leg RDL 3x10

Squat 5x5x75%
I’m relearning low bar squats so this really sucks I hit 205 today on the road to 425
DB split squat 4x12
I actually did Bulgarian splits with a 60lb vest and two 20lb dumbells 5
RDL 4x8
I kept it moderate at 155 with a stiff bar
Cable or band pull through 2x20 used bands …
Wheel rollout 2x12 am trying to get to both sets standing so … You’ll be here for the struggle

Edited to add… I’ve been off cycle for almost a year now… I did a short var cycle leading into an early winter meet and that’s about it. I am starting a test e/EQ cycle here shortly.


Nice work. Is your macro split the usual protein/carbs/fats? As it’s written above

yes it is… I’d be a happy camper to have that much fat :wink:

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I know some women and trainers swear that more fat for females is necessary and I really have no idea what kind of diet powerlifters maintain.

sounds like some bullshit diet fad … I can get fat enough with too many carbs …
if someone can tell me how to post a pic I ll post one as well but no complaints on quality it is fuzzy on purpose

When you hit reply, the box opens up and towards the lower right corner you’ll see an icon with an arrow pointed up. Just click that and select what you want to upload

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Nice work! Looking good! P.S. I love higher fats as well😋

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Oh shit I know the guy in the background.

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I’m pretty sure I do too lol. Looks like a close buddy of yours :wink:

lol do you now?

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@Raphael3636 Only in my dreams do I get a high fat high carb diet… wait. That happened once … I packed on the weight too lol. Not that anyone believed I was weighing in at 250. I got to make money off that little bet there. anyway. It was pretty uncomfortable weight for me to be at. I will try to find a pic later … anywho fast forward a year and I’m down to 190 and the plan is to build up again … I may have to stip more fat off to stay in my current weight class although there is a certain freedom in being in the shw’s

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@Ironside My diet looks like a modified bb diet. There are days when I feel like smashing a couple of oreos then I do so. but I have a list of foods that I like to stick to as they are least likely to cause inflammation …

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