A day in the life of me

A day in the life of me

Ok ladies and gents. It’s been brought to my attention that I should do a log here in this awesome community. I take my nutrition, fitness and this general lifestyle to heart and I train like a Mother F’n Beast 70% of the year. The other 30% is a mix of work, sleep, eating and sex. So not bad ratios if you ask me.

Anyway, I’ll share my stats, my cycles, my training/training program, its purpose etc.

You’ll notice a very familiar style of logging if you follow Fitraver as I’ve adapted to that from being on the same board with him for awhile now so don’t hate because it’s awesome!

It’ll look a little something like this. …

“Name of Source” Winter Bulk Week 1
“Training Program” Week 1

Warm Up: Reps x Weight
Working Sets: Sets x reps x weight

So now that we are all on the same page, we can get started.


Glad to have you logging. Thanks for doing it.

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Looking forward to following your log.

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A pleasure to have you here Devil Nuts

Explain to @fitraver why I ask him if he wants me to explain things in crayon. Break it down Barney style for him would you brother?

Disclaimer: As you might know I came from another board and I’m currently not running anything from a source on this particular board. I will not list that source and I will not field any questions or discussions about said source so please dont ask.

I’m currently running 200 Test E, 240 Tren E and 600 EQ a week

Weight: 188.8
Body Fat: 13% calipered

Nutrition: 3,662 calories/day
Heavier days may include a slight increase in calories, usually from simple carbs

Lean Bulk Week 2
John Meadows “the Executioner” Week 2


Lat Pulldowns
Warm Up: 2x10x100
Working Sets: 10x185, 10x185, 10x175, 10x165
use an attachment that allows you to have your hands facing inward to each other. Slight lean back and pull your elbows down making sure you get a strong contraction in your lats

TBar Rows
Warm Ups: 20x25 (1 plate), 30x25
Working Sets: 40x50, 40x75 +5 forced, 40x75 +5 forced, last set failx50
Try to use proper form to protect your lower back but do these quickly. Get in a nice rhythm and pump them out. Dont worry too much about the squeeze at the top

Db Pullovers
Working Sets: 3x10x75
lay straight along the bench, head hanging over, slight bridge in lower back with chest puffed out

Banded Hypers
Working Sets: 2x15, 10lb band
Ensure to take a 2 sec pause at the top


Hahaha. Man you can’t hit civilians with that type of thing


No one here hates
Bump heads maybe but no haters
I will be watching your log also. I always like when people keep logs im always trying something from this something from that.
I don’t think I said welcome to ugm brother hit me up anytime


Thanks for the welcome and I’m sure I’ll pick your brain at some point or another. That’s what community is all about right? Helping each other out and backing each other up. I’m glad to be here.


Love your cycle, man.
This board is the first I’ve gone on where everyone isn’t batshit crazy about doses.
Running gear at sensible doses… What a concept!


I’m a huge fan of the concept that a little can go a long way. Now dont get me wrong, I run some moderately high doses sometimes but it all depends on my goals and how sustainable the blast is for me. I came off of a blast not long ago running 600 test, 600 mast, 500 deca, 100mg a day of Adrol for 6 weeks followed by 40mg Dbol for 5 weeks. Smart? Probably not. Unheard of? Nah. I would also note that I came off of the blast at the 11 week mark when the planned run was 16 weeks because of some sensitive nipples so I never really got to reap the benefits of that blast. And now here we are back at sensible doses again lol.


You said it exactly correct. What and how much you run, low or high, this compound or that compound, all depends on your goals


I’m not opposed to juicy cycles by any means. Its just I hear so much bullshit on other boards like “Tren under 350mg, test under 500mg, deca under 600mg, EQ under 900mg is a wast” “Masteron is a waste unless you have 2% body fat” “always run test higher than everything else or your dick wont work” All total nonsense, and the result is people running 800mg Deca and a G of test and 100mg Drol, when they could get the same results with 400mg Deca and 200-500mg of test.

Before TRT bigger longer cycles made perfect sense, just now I prefer shorter smaller blast/cruise type runs more frequently. Big cycles are fun though, the feeling of 750mg Test and 600mg Masteron is something my girlfriend at the time will not likely forget!


Yeah theres no lack of stupid people in this game, that’s for sure. And just because a couple of people might not get the expected outcome of a compound at whatever dose doesnt mean it will be the same for everyone else. The worst part is that I think most people have these grand expectations of some of these compounds and that they really don’t understand what they are supposed to be used for or how they can/should be used. So in comes the bro’s saying the exact shit you were just mentioning


Another great workout today gents. It was pin day and I also included an injectable amino blend for a little extra pump.

Lean Bulk Week 2
John Meadows “the Executioner” Week 2

Bi’s / Tri’s

Seated Incline Db Curls (Alternating)
Working Sets: 14x35, 14x35, 13x35 +15 Hammers, 12x35 + 7 isoholds to failure
Supinated curls, alternating to failure. Pick a weight to fail between 12 to 15 reps. Do 2 sets to failure. 3rd set, go to failure then stand and go to hammer curls with the same weight to failure. 4th Set, fail then do as many isoholds for as long as you can to failure on each hold.

EZ Bar Preacher Curls
Working Sets: 5x20x60
Just keep positive form and get into a good rhythm and pump them out.

Tricep Pushdowns
Warm Ups: 2x10x45 (go easy because it’s about to get stupid)
Working Sets: 30x65, 30x65, 30x65 +5 forced then iso to failure, 30x65 +10 forced then iso to failure.

Lying Tri Extensions
Working Sets: 4x8x45

Total working sets: 15

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How do you like the injectable aminos @Ironside? I have never used them but know individuals that do. Do they sting like I have been hearing about?

If you want to share in depth about it consider making a new topic specific to your experience. We rarely see people sharing about this subject. If not I get it and I will take the crib note version if you have time.

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I might make a thread explaining the ins and outs, reasoning etc someday but in short, I love it. I get a nice little rush, more like an aware type of sense and I pin in the muscle group I’ll be working. Pin about 30 to 45min preworkout and you get a really nice pump. Almost reminiscent of occlusion training. I recommend pinning really slow! Like 45sec for 1ml. There is no sting, with the stuff I have if I do it that way. There is some initial PIP but since it’s right before your workout, it works it’s way into the muscle quick and usually within the first few minutes of the workout I dont even notice it.


Bout to get on this gain train. I’ll be back with the details in a bit. Stay tuned


Lean Bulk Week 2
John Meadows “the Executioner” Week 2

Calves & Abs

I did these a little different than the program suggests so it’s got some Berserker twists

Standing Calf Raises
Warm Up: 10x20, 15x50, 20x60, 25x70

Working Sets: 3x10x100
Wider stanced to get a greater flex on the gastrocnemius medial. Keep in mind I don’t have a calf raise machine so I hold dumbells and do my lifts standing off of a 2" platform in my basement

Tibia Dorsiflexions
Working Sets: 4x30x15lb resistance band
Last set after 30 reps start isoholds. This will give a really nice flex and burn on the Soleus and Tibia muscles. Go to failure on isoholds and do as many to failure as you can

Alternating Ss

Bent Knee Calf Raises
Working Sets: 3x10x50
Again, no calf machine so I hold onto the rack and squat low. With knees together, I place a 50lb dumbell in my lap and proceed to do my sets while holding onto the rack.

Resistance Band Crunches
Working Sets: 4x25x30lb band

Decline Leg Raises
Working Sets: 3x25 then I added an 8lb medicine ball to hold with my feet and do another set of 25


Welcome brother im a huge fan of John Meadows all my workouts are based off his philosophies. Love the log and the personality my man! Keep killin it :muscle:t2:

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