A few questions and update

A few questions and update

I did a subcutaneous injection for the first time. I’m using 75 mg of Test C and 150 mg of Primo E twice a week. I’ve noticed some pip with the Primo but the subcutaneous hurt for about three days was hard as a rock a little swollen and just slightly red now at one week its nearly gone. It’s like this might create more scar tissue than normally IM injection. Any opinions on this?
What to you guys think of using Primo at this dose combination as a anti-estrogen ? I’ll get a blood test and see what changes there were in estrogen after adding it. I’m also taking MK677 at just 13mg nightly. While it seems to have no effect on minor tendinitis I’m dealing with I am sleeping better with it. Hunger was really up the first week or so and I felt a bit more sleepy. I might just do the recommend 25-30 mg and see how that goes

As far as the sub-Q injection… you are using too much volume for a single injection site. Anything over .5ml gives me a welt for a day.

Primobolan I would not rely on to keep my estrogen in check. It has only a slight anti-estrogen effect.


Thanks SF
I should have said I injected in two places, the site that had the most Primo is the side that hurt

You bet @ESmetalhead. Primo has a heavy molecular weight. Either decrease volume or simply go back to IM with the primobolan are my suggestions.

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I just don’t like the idea of sub-q


Yeah I think Test would be fine but my belly fat was not digg’in the Primo

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