A little bit about myself

I’m 39 years old 6 ft and 240. Body fat is around 20%. Had to go away for a couple years and diet wasn’t a focus. Been working out on and off since I was a teenager. Ran my first cycle six years ago and loved it. My favorite compounds are Test, Tren and EQ. I’ve never been a part of an online community like this so I’m looking forward to talking with you guys and picking your brains. Thanks



Welcome aboard. You’re gaining to like it here

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Welcome brother.

Welcome! Anything we can ever do please reach out.

Welcome brother!

Welcome bro!


Welcome brother



Welcome bud.


Welcome to the coolest place on earth!

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Welcome brother! This is a great place to be, and you can gain a ton of knowledge from the people here. It’s a great place to learn from the experiences of others-both good and bad.

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Welcome brother being new as well I have already learned a great deal from the very experienced guys here soak it up!!

Welcome brother you’ll def love it

Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around

That is right, the coolest place on mf earth

What’s up brother welcome, you got any ideas on what your going to run next? You planning on running a cycle?

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