A little help on how much EQ to run

A little help on how much EQ to run

I know your wasting your time if your not running at least 600mg. Is that also the required dose to make you have a n appetite also? My work is crazy at times and I drink so much water I have no appetite.

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Atleast you are definitely hydrated right lol
I wish I could help but I haven’t used EQ before but someone will pop in.

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I don’t have alot experience with eq, but I was under the impression 500mg-600mg/wk was a pretty typical dose. In other parts of the world they run eq extremely high in the 2g/wk range as a base to cycles, but I have no experience with such cycles and would question that approach. If this is your first run with eq 500mg/wk for 16+ weeks is a good start. What else are you thinking of running with it?

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There’s no certain required dose for anything, the appetite increase ISNT guaranteed for anyone, or at any given dose, who knows maybe it will kill your appetite, for me it did not increase my appetite.

I also wouldn’t say your wasting your time at 600, I guarantee you there’s people in here running less then 600 with good results…you want to start low and go up with anything you do.


I started at 400 the appetite and the strength gains were good. Im at 500 now with 500 test.

It’ll increase appetite.
, I personally like 900mgs week for at least 25 weeks, I might try going higher this summer perhaps 1200. But who know if I see the effects off 900 I’ll just stick there


I have a buddy is running it and he runs about 600 mg weekly and he told me he front loaded it with 1200 mg. And hes on test c not sure on his dose … i was going to run eq .

In 2018 I cruised for 27wks on 300mgs. 2019 I was in the process of a ramp every 8wks starting at 300mg then 100mg increases but never got past 400mg had to abort (not eq related).

Only issue I found was my hemocrite levels got close to 60 at which point the blood bank said the machine they hook me up to wouldn’t be able to filter my blood due to viscosity issues.

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On EQ I try to donate at least every 2 months to help

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400 can work quite well. It’s a great compound to stack with others and you don’t necessarily “need” 600+.

I’ve ran it before at 500mg no increase in appetite but I had good stamina. Could swing a sledge hammer all day. I’m not sure what my next cycle is quit yet. I normally just bounce back and fourth from test, tren one cycle then test, decca next

Not true. I’ve ran it at 500mg and saw great results. I can’t see much difference from 500 to 750mg as long as you give it 14-16 weeks to do its thing.

400-600 is a good range have to see how your body reacts to know what’s best

You don’t need that much, Brotha!
Back when I was thinking I could be a pro bodybuilder 600mg was my dose, but 350mg works just fine when stacked with 350mg of other antibiotics like NPP, deca, primo, a little anavar, turinabol, stanazol, etc.

Is “good stamina, and swing a sledge hammer all day” code for pounding the wife until she walks funny?

I run for sure less than 600 but I have other compounds, i stay around 300-400 and I like it there I’ve also run it much higher and I honestly didn’t feel a crazy difference all cycle and person dependent

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Yeah I had a feeling most guys were gonna say running under 6 works well for them

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