A little motivation from Germany

I watch this cat every day before working out. I cannot even imagine getting to this level. But I’m gunna try. This is my daily routine. Watch Markus. Go to the gym. When I’m gassed think not going to make it if I quit now…


He is a frickin beast I mean can’t wipe your but ain’t seen your wiener in years beast

Matkus never won the Olympia. I think his best win was night of champions. He was 300 pounds at most contest weigh ins. And 330 off season. The heaviest I managed Was 272 and thought that was huge. I am still almost FIFTY pound from his off season weight. I can’t even imagine. :flushed:

260 is my goal weight and that’s not being ripped

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He’s a mass monster! I can only imagine how much he has to eat to maintain that amount of muscle mass.

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I’m not taking anything away from the hard work those guys put in but I do t see how some of them win and some don’t I have went to a few shows with my buddies when they compete and the ones that win soMe of the classes don’t look like they should have but I’m not a professional bodybuilder or judge

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