A little prep update

Hey UG a little update for you all. Back is finally getting leaner and can start to see detail. Back for me is just a bitch it’s been hard to grow that thickness but finally figuring it out lol. If we aren’t learning daily we are regressing. That’s what I love about bodybuilding and training people everyone is different.

Oh and since we have had such great response for online training we are opening more spots just for UG members. You guys that have joined are really kicking ass and I’m proud of you all. Thanks for the patience the last couple weeks as we were dealing with a family emergency.

Feel free to email me for questions on training [email protected] As always you guys get the discount price of $150 a month instead of the normal $250. Again thank you all for the support and let’s all kick some fucking ass


Man, your overall muscle density has improved. Impressed as always bro, this is your year.

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Thanks bro.

Looking amazing man, nice and thick!

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I know that everyone talks about your legs but you also have amazing shoulders.
Keep killing it brother

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Where you at now, is it 8 weeks out?

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Fucking monster! Impressive, keep crushing it bro!


7 this Saturday

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Thanks BM

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