A Lurker Introduces Himself

Hey all. Name’s Tony. I am here for a couple of reasons.
I was in a huge car wreck that forced me into inactivity. I turned into a veggie, an old one at that.
I found this place because I was trying TRT but couldn’t pay the insane prices the doc was charging me. Besides I was on a stable dose and being a Biologist I can handle injections, etc. just fine. I found a great source here which I continue to use, i’ll leave it at that.
Now back to the veggie thing. I have a friend Stacey who was very active in the IFBB back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. She has been an inspiration to me lately.
I did some serious strength training in college I was a non-trad student and was lucky enough to be trained by an Olympic trainer whose husband was there finishing up his PhD. I couldn’t bulk because I was SCUBA diving all the time as a marine bio.
So I lurk here now getting motivated to get seriously back to the gym. I can do it and the dedication of the members makes me want to get off my butt now that I have had surgery and feeling great again except for the fitness thing.
So BigMurph asked me to do an inro so there you have it and thanks for letting me be a member here.


Welcome aboard @Dman, pleasure to have you here.

Welcome to the boards bro

Welcome to the board. We are glad to have you.


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Welcome 1 step at a time bud, next thing you know you will be running.

Welcome- you’ll like it here

Were glad to have you at ugmuscle brother

You’re welcome,Tony,enjoy


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Welcome aboard



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nice to meet you !

I am surprised no one picked up my reference to my friend Stacey in my post. She was quite the deal in her day. Just do a search for Stacey Bentley. Wasn’t going to say anything but since a woman has entered the discussion… I already am making plans to hit the iron again. Thanks.

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Lol back when female bodybuilder’s were the equivalent of the bikini girls these days and lived by the “I don’t want to be massive, I just want to be toned.” Interesting era!

there were some decent sized bber s in the late 80s early 90’s … Corey Everson and Lenda Murray ruled the roost

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I dropped out of the bb scene some time ago for power lifting …

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