AAS and diabetis a risk

AAS and diabetis a risk

So just a question, never had this before, but on this cycle npp tpp and superdrol , I seem to have gotten here and there a Shakey weak dizzy feeling, get thirsty as fuck hungry, hot and sweaty. It goes away after eating and drinking. I plan to see a Dr. But it only seems to happen when I’m taking the oral superdrol, any thoughts or insight to this?

Well I don’t know shit, but I’d say cease the drol.


It’s weird brother, it’s like here and there, odd times, and not constant. That’s what I plan on doing. I don’t want diabetis. Lol

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Ha ha yeah fuck that, it is weird… wish I could offer you more info… and it would break my heart if I ran Into issues with superD.

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Yep, superdrol and for some anadrol too gives hypoglycemia. Sip a Gatorade while you train and chug a mix of whey isolate and carbs immediately post workout.


Thanks for adding some actual help for him.

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Thank you. Appreciate that


Yep - you have to make sure you get enough carbs in when using superdrol.

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