AAS Myths

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i love talking with all of you and getting our community more involved!

After coming out to my girlfriend regarding my steroid use, she and I talked a lot about AAS myths.
For one…she thought I’d want less sex with her if I started taking testosterone…

We’ve all heard and believed certain things when it comes to steroids.

What are some aas myths/stereotypes you’ve heard about regarding certain compounds that you used to believe and still believe in??


Following this lll. This should be interesting

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the rage thing…
i suppose some guys or girls get it, but i do not.
test just turns me into a complete perv.
tren fired up the jealousy and empathy sections of my brain.
zero rage though.


when i was younger, I was also told by all kinds of media that steroids would cause people to turn aggressive and violent

Turns out that’s not true haha

If anything I’m even more mellow on AAS simply because I purposely monitor my emotions and make sure I keep a positive outlook on everything.

Only thing that makes me super edgy is halo. I only use during prep and damn my fuse is non existent especially driving lol

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Lol tren does that same thing for me, my girl kept asking me why im so angry all the time all of a sudden :joy:

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I have had the issue of mistrust while on tren. But for me aas had helped balance me out and make me more mellow. I be live it is becouse my hormones are balanced. No more depression eithet

The biggest myth concerning steroid use that I have encountered is the belief that steroid use is “safe”.

It is safe if you don’t abuse it. Steroids were made to help people.

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I disagree. The definition of safe is not exposed to danger or risk. Based on that there is no such thing as safe steroid use. There certainly is “responsible” steroid use but using the word “safe” is very misleading. Sure steroids are designed for medical uses. That’s not an argument to call them safe. If that were the case then I could make the same argument for Oxy, Morphine and/or Fentanyl. Most users perceive their drug of choice as safe but that is just a myth that perpetuates abuse.


I see both you points of view but i have to say semperfi makes a strong argument in the fact that "there is responsible steroid use but that doesnt make it completely safe.

Yep the word safe has a very broad definition in this situation. Done correctly steroid use can be done with minimal risk. If you push things or make bad choices it could get unsafe very quickly.

The same thing could be said for lifting weights in general. If you do everything right you can become a healthy strong person from it. If you do things wrong you can really mess stuff up.
I used to have a pretty healthy back, but one lapse in judgement on leg day a couple years ago and now I have some nagging back issues.

I was told was that I was going to grow a penis. But no testicles. Where’s the fun in that!? Well, it’s been several years of cycling and no penis has manifested itself. Enlargement which subsides off cycle, but no penis.


Hi.does anyone gets really uncomfortable pins and needoes every where

i get some weird sensations from ghrp and cjc, not from test

Did you get this while you were sleeping or while standing completely awake?
Were you using any igf or hgh?

day and night, just patches of skin on my legs with no feeling.
and another weird sensation of pain on the top of my foot if the bef sheets rubbed against it.

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