AAS Pharmacy is it legit? No they are scammers

AAS Pharmacy is it legit? No they are scammers

Does anyone think AAS Pharmacy is actually some legit gear. I got mine last week in the mail. I got Tren E 200 and Test E 300. I’m using 300mg a week of test and 400mg a week of the Tren. I know it’s a long Ester and takes a few weeks to start noticing effects. I’m just skeptical of their products since they advertise as a pharmacy in Cali. And I put about Beligas products would be great

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People here are legit you should try one of these sponsors

Well it’s a little late for that right now. I just spend 475 bucks with them and I’m trying to gather some more info. I’ve heard good reviews on trustfactory about them. But was wondering if y’all have heard anything from this company. The producer is Beligas pharmacy.

Beligas pharmacy ive never heard of them. It could be fine use a @ROIDTEST to make sure that what you received is atleast really what you wanted.

That’s the first thing I would do

Well never even heard of them and wouldn’t trust them just off basic internet check. Looks like a scam site. All the sites “selling” beligas are all exact same template and shit. All created around same time. With one I checked on eroids and people complaining it was a scam. The site is exact same template and plugins, even on same servers as the rest.

Yea I noticed how the sites were really similar also. I do believe they are real only because my Tren E has crystals forming inside it.

Will definately use someone different next order go around. What sponsor should you advise going through.

I’m new to using anabolics and looking to shred some excess body fat. I’m super stocky mainly cause I just got out prison on a 4yr senance. I weigh 230 and I’m 5’10.

Any of our domestic or international sponsors here are all in good standing. Best thing to do is look at activity and reviews/ ratings on what your after from sponsors.

Thanks for the help

Honestly. I wouldn’t even trust that shit. These guys are running so many sites. So beligas is here.

Aaspharmacy is here.

On twitter they have linked claims to be a different site.

That’s just those sites and not the others linked to beligas. But aas is registered the exact same and a few days apart from beligas.

I would be questioning why a " lab" needs so many sites all claiming to be different and at least one was called out as scamming. Id roidtest it for sure. But it also maybe just weak as shit.

Some sources that have done stuff like this do it so they can pull exit scams.

Yea I should have done more research before buying. But fuck it. Learning experience I guess. I’ve been looking on this site for reputable sources on getting some gear but I don’t think I have figured it out yet. Looks to me this site is mainly just a forum

We have plenty of reputable sponsors. Look down the category list or go to the sponsors tab on the dropdown.

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A lot of sponsors haven’t done this yet but some have. Your looking for testosterone enanthate? Search it. You’ll see the sponsors product rating.

That paramexer looks like the reviews are good and accurately dosed. Really wanna run some TestE and TrenE 10 week cycle.

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Check out @SRx , you won’t be disappointed. Also if you’re new to AAS, I wouldn’t be messing with tren yet, especially Tren E.

Thanks bro. I’ve used gear in the past just not in the last 8 years. But I’ve always used deca Test and Winnie.

What would you advise. I’m 31 and weigh 230. Trying to loose some of this stomach fat and bulk up some more.

Oh gotcha, I thought I read that you were new to aas. Definitely check out @srx though. Best source there is in my book. And their tren A is unbelievable

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