About the Steroidify category

This is our verified source Steroidify.com this is thier new dedicated source category page they will still have a verified sponsor page also, but now any member can post new topics, post pictures ,and create a review in this category for other members to read about that are specific only to Steroidify.com without having to navigate through one whole verified sponsor page.

This type of category will be reserved for our top sponsors. I hope that we get all of our sponsors a dedicated category page because I believe that it will give them much more visibility and make it easier for members to be able to navigate and read comments about the src.

There are some rules for this category. When posting in a src category no sponsor cross talk.
I would like all pictures of received goods from this sponsor posted in this sponsors category page from now on with a new topic titled gear pics.
Reviews for the sponsor should be posted as new topics with review in the title.
All questions to this sponsor should be titled sponsor questions and then before asking the same question to a sponsor over and over you can find the title with the question you are looking to get answered if there is not a topic with that question already then create a new topic with your question. This will make it easier for the member and the sponsor.

The verified sponsor page for any sponsor that also has a category page will now be exclusively used for conversation about the sponsor.

Is your website down? I can’t get on it

I just clicked the pharmacomstore banner and it took me right to there website try clearing your search history and then click the banner

I can’t seem to get it to work. Even on different search engines. Maybe it’s banned in europe and I need a VPN

Site is working just fine from here.


Maybe clean your cache or try a different browser. Thanks.

Yeah, I think my internet provider in Italy blocks certain website. Yours is not the only one i noticed.

Do you ship from the EU?

The EU warehouses you see on our site do. The Intl warehouses do not.

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