About the Support and Religion category

About the Support and Religion category

This category is for religous posts, questions etc. It will be run by UGM member @Pastor. This can be on/off topic.


@TG Thanks for adding this. As much as we may enjoy other views and opinions cluttering up the forum with unrelated material(s) can be distracting. It will be nice to have a specific section for those who are interested. And thanks to @Pastor for the oversight and your participation.

I will say that the search function within UGM is much better than most forums but it can take a bit of searching to find ‘some’ specific information.


First of all I would like to say thanks to God for all the blessings in my life. From the moment I first came here…it just spontaneously came out…talking about the Lord and praying…but we do this together…Unity is the biggest principle of the Kingdom of heaven …so here… together …we support one another, we pray for one another, we share our lives and we give glory to God. GOD bless you all

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Glad to have you here bro. Looking forward to reading your posts in the section.

I’ve never experienced a forum where most of the regulars , I speak for myself, look forward and care about…oh and don’t question with malice, the others. We gotta error on the side of self preservation but I wanna see yooos guyz do well in bbing(I gotta call it that, training or fitness isn’t filthy enough LOl.) And I have not been challenged on pics or achievements in sport or the fact that Lonnie T and Lou zwickk SR. Were trying to"feel my muscles" Boston L. Says something sicker. But this is forum where that might change because that second word religion could have so many meanings from strict dogmatic views to yes the Koreshians were a religion(example only) I believe it will positive however. I love science, I am an evidence based practice dude but ill be darned if me science brought me closer to a great gift I open everyday and that is MY Relationship with GOD…I didn’t say my God. Just my personal journey along side her…

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