About time I got around to this intro

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Joined a month ago and am just now getting around to the intro. I spent most of my adult life in The USMC (0311,8153, 0313) in and out of infantry units. Retired a few years ago, went to college and studied advanced human nutrition. I graduated with my BS and now I’m working as a nutritionist.

Started TRT right after I retired, but my endo wanted to keep my levels below what I feel is optimum for me, so a friend of mine hooked me up with his source which led me to this forum. I’m not trying to be a mass monster, but I do enjoy feeling great and recovering from intense workouts like I was 18 again.

I’m really enjoying the community here and hope to have the time to become a little more active.


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Welcome aboard brotha! If you have any questions hit me up my man

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Welcome aboard Marine. SFMF

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Will do. Thanks.

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Welcome- you’ll like it here

Welcome semper fi

Hey brother glad to have you around.
Welcome to ugmuscle glad you through up an introduction


Welcome bro

Welcome aboard devil dog.

Semper Fi.

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Welcome brotha, hey we have a vets only forum here on UGM, if your interested or have any questions just hit me up man✌️ Throw up a quick intro when you get a chance bro

I just changed his account to a veterans account. I hope that he is a veteran


Thanks guys. I am a veteran of both the US Army and the USMC. Can PM proof if need be.


No need got you taken care of

Welcome Joe! SF!

You can get a Veterans account versus the normal registration??

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Yes are you a veteran?

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Yes Sir! USN 23+ years.

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