Achieving a proper water pull

Achieving a proper water pull

I’m curious, what an actual water pull regime actually looks like…
Any of the guys that do shows have some insight?

From what I’ve been told.

Day 1 : 1 gallon of water
Day 2 : 2 gallons of water
Day 3 : 3 gallons of water
Day 4 : 1 gallon of water
Day 5 : 16oz of water
Day 6 : show time…

It’s different for everyone. I hardly cut my water back. It really depends on how I look if water gets shut off early or not.


So basically you get you body pissing a lot by drinking a lot then don’t drink any and you stay pissing the same. This allows you to dehydrate?

The idea is to clear your body of any access water and sodium.

I gotcha so low sodium diets necessary as well. Don’t you typically do it a few months out?

I have heard that increasing water, then decreasing has worked for folks. But, our normal and healthy functioning kidneys supposedly only have the ability to process up to 32oz of fluid per hour.

Does this actually work and won’t dropping sodium too low be bad?

Never cut sodium your body needs it to function


Like PhD said, most water is held intracellular (inside the muscle cells) very little water is subQ. Most people do not need to really cut water, usually just on the day of the show, even then some still do not need to.

Muscles are made up of 75% water, 20% protein and 5% salts and other substances. If you cut water you will come in flat.

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I trust you. You know way more on it then I do. So basically it’s all about balance huh? Just enough water for fullness but not to much to achieve definition.

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