Active Release Therapy & healing from injuries

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I’ve written on here about the injuries we all inevitably face as lifters. Mainly that of soft tissue injuries such as tendonitis and my own reoccurring issue with it in my elbow, which has set me back from my goals. Tendonitis can become chronic, especially if we continue to do what caused the issue. All my Dr’s ( in 2 countries) ever told me was to rest, ice it during flare ups and use anti-inflammatories. This never corrected the issue.

Recently I learned of A.R.T. (Acrive Release Therapy) to effectively treat and heal muscle, ligament, tendon & nerve injuries. A.R.T. uses movement and manipulation to break apart scar tissue and promote healthy tissue recovery.

Desperate to end my pain and move forward in my training, I paid out of pocket for a a few therapy sessions. I am happy to announce, I am pain free and have been training 6 weeks consecutively with no issues and my strength and size have gone up. Which is why I’m sharing this beneficial therapy.

First, find someone who is highly accredited & those who are certified in A.R.T. therapy. Chiropractors & sports medicine doctor’s are among the higher tier of those who offer this service, also a sports medicine. Dr. can offer other treatments and further identify any attributing issues. Of course find a sports medicine dr. who promotes healing without surgery, as those are always the two types of dr.s.

What does the therapy entail? It can have all, a few or one of these components, pending your injury.

  • Deep tissue massage - Neurokinetic movement
  • Needling - Rolphing - Radiation therapy

With my tendonitis, my sports medicine Dr. informed me that I had scar tissue build up, which put pressure on my nerves and put the muscle contractions out of place. Anti-inflammatories, rest and ice he explained are only a temporary solution for minor instances or even a crutch for chronic and do not correct the problem, only relieve it.

My treatment:
A physical therapy assistant, used an ultrasound for radiation therapy, to break apart scar tissue and promote healing.
Then the Dr. performed a very painful deep tissue massage and stretched my arm every which way for extended periods, while manipulating my joint.
I was told to rest for the day, and continue to stretch as shown. He also told me to continue to lift, just not as heavy until after a few sessions to ensure healing.

After 3 sessions, I took a week off lifting and returned. My elbow no longer hurt during pressing movements and my strength on bench went up dramatically. I have been pain free since.

Ironically I had this same treatment in 2013 on my calves. For my job I had to run alot and be on my feet, which caused crippling pain. It wasn’t compartment syndrome nor shin splits, as it was on the sides of my calves by my ankles and knee.
I was told my calves were tight as beef jerky and restricted blood flow and put pressure on my nerves, which explains why I had to take prescription pain killers just to walk. After a few similar treatments, I was able to run miles with zero pain.

In closing, if you suffer from bursitis, tendonitis or any other soft tissue pain, I highly recommend looking into this therapy, preferably again with a sports medicine doctor or a highly accredited chiropractor who is certified in this or similar techniques.


good stuff bro. i went to a specialist for rolphing. after 4 very intense one hour sessions in a two week period it left me pain free

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Glad to hear, this sport takes it toll.

Good writeup bro. I had ART years ago and loved it. I had my shoulders fucked up after recovering from a motorcycle accident. Nothing worked until ART and graston.

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Cant agree more. Was hit in the back by the knuckle and articulating arm of a backhoe full throttle in 2016. Threw me head over heels into an 8ft hole and knocked me out. It took several providers and 2.5yrs to finally find the fix which was dry needling with tens unit attached to needles in combination with multiple weekly deep tissue massage for about a month to get my back to finally release from the event.

Now I try to foam roll at home daily and stretch when possible. I continued with the tissue work for maintenance every 1 or 2wks.

Don’t listen to providers who want to dismiss your tissue issues or injury’s that are not black and white. You are your biggest advocate when it come to health and know when something is not correct. Pain management wanted to just dope me up which i refused and radiology could not find anything conclusive, If I didnt keep pushing I would still be trashed!


Damn that sounded like it hurt.

I couldn’t agree more and f*ck that injury was crazy.


I find many american Dr.s want to dismiss you, give you pain killers or surgery and that’s all. Yes, I agree you are your biggest advocate. I’m glad you made a recovery.

Even in Sweden, healthcare is lacking, since were socialist. They choose what to treat and not treat to keep budget, also with all the “rapeugees” recieving benefits without paying into it, many swedish people dont receive care. My girl did not get her surgery when she tore a tendon, because they stated she wasn’t a pro athlete and so had to pay out of pocket, since it wasnt a necessity. Where American drs. Seem to just dimiss you.

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Dam bro that’s sounds pretty fucking exciting but shitty

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