Add Proviron and/or HGH

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wondering if adding Proviron and/or HGH would be an acceptable thing to do with decent benefits to my current cycle??

Currently doing Test E 500MG/week and VAR 75MG/week. Started VAR at beginning, but wasted my time with original starting dosage of 25MG/day for 3 weeks and felt nothing.

Depends on goals but you should always try to keep it simple. I believe that proviron is great and hgh definitely has its advantages. I would run the cycle plan you have and in the future make changes. Changing things in the middle unless dropping things isn’t a good idea.


I run proviron every cycle

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Thanks Brother’s! I’ll run this cycle of Test/VAR out, start the TRT, and then wait about 6 weeks on the TRT before starting next blast, and then add the Proviron with maybe another item.

Goals are to get steady gains while maintaining a lean physique year round. I still like to jog, so I don’t want to pack on too much weight, too quickly, so my knees/hips can acclimate your the increase in body weight pain free.

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