Adding Primo to TRT Protocol

Good evening gents. … I just got my labs back last week, and they were spot on. My TRT protocol is 200mg of Test-C per week, HCG 1000iu, and 1mg of Anastrazole weekly. Again, I’m 44 years old, 5’11", 215 lbs.

I have some Primo coming and have never ran it before. I plan to run a little blast of 16-20 weeks (which I know I’ll not be officially on TRT, so we’ll call it a cycle). Here’s what I"m thinking…

Test-C 200mg Wks 1-20
Primobolan 400mg Wks 1-20
Proviron 50mg Every day
Winstrol 40mg Wks 1-4

I’ll also be running the HCG and 1mg of Anastrozole weekly. My goal is to cut, and my calories will be between 1,600 - 2,000. I’m going to have more labs run about 12 weeks in.

Does this look like a decent setup to ya’ll? I’ve learned more from this site than anywhere else, and everyone is always so supportive. Thanks in advance for your feedback.


You’re going to love it as long as your primo is real.
Make sure that you test your primo and this will be a solid addition


Awesome brother… I got it from Ashop and the lab is Balkan Pharma. Hope I’m not violating any rules by mentioning that, but they are a sponsor here which is why I chose them.


I have entertained the notion of running primo with my trt and I am definitely gonna do it now that we can test our products with roidtest. I just never could swallow the money and no way to know if it was real


Yea I felt pretty confident with the source and lab. Looking forward to trying it out.

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You couldn’t have made a better choice brother


Awesome bro… that boosts the confidence. : )

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Looks good to me, and I’m glad you called it a cycle, lots guys add shit on, low doses, callin it what it’s not.


Im doing something similar but more test less primo and no AI needed so far. Primo at 400 a week to start might be a little high also with provion you shouldn’t need AI at only 200 test a week.


That’s interesting… I’ll may do labs sooner to see how the estradiol is doing.

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The Primo acts as a AI so does Provion some. I like the AI Adex drops it makes it easier to dose as you can do 1 drop a day if you get some sides, thats like 1/20 of a 1mg pill. Or its 20 drops equal to 1mg pill.

Man, that’s so cool. I had taken those drops a few years and honestly forgot all about them. Didn’t really know primo served that type of role either. Thanks bro.

Is that you Ru**. My electrician friend?

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This is my cycle
Test cyp 200mg wk
Primo 400mg wk
I like to add var, tbol, MHN.
run the test and primo for 6 months and you will be ripped or be a beast depending upon how you eat.
Massive amounts of protein will make you grow big with a solid training program.
You can stay in a deficit and cut also you will actually still grow and lose no muscle. Definitely rocking a 8 pac after that cycle.

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Primo isn’t like masteron or Drostanolone it doesn’t act like an AI it does keep you dry though but your estrogen on 200mg test shouldn’t give you issues if it does I prefer nolvadex through cycle and aromasin on hand just in case.
I never needed it myself

Awesome brother… thanks for the feedback (just now seen it). … I’ll go with this setup soon as Amazon delivers it!

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