Adjustable dumbbell sets

Adjustable dumbbell sets

Has anyone tried these before? Curious if they are worth the investment.

Tried which?

The Bowflex selecttech or powerblock ones

I’ve used old power blocks. Didn’t like too much cause they moved too much and felt flimsy. Honestly you need to find exact type you want to get and check. There’s so many out there and different models of the same ones.

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Probably just better off getting the ones that can fit standard plates I guess.

My wife has power blocks. She loves them, I tolerate them. They will never replace real dumbbells and plates in my mind, but they’ll do right now when all gyms are closed


I have some but not those power block. The square design makes it difficult to do certain movements and if you have big meat hooks. They are uncomfortable.


I have power blocks and like @TBU said they are sometimes awkward and restrict some exercises. I got mine real cheap so I’m not mad but wouldn’t buy them at regular price.

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