Adjustable dumbbells 100lbs x2 quality for cheap

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Man im as happy as can be and if you’re looking for a dumbbell set but don’t want to end up with some garbage set. Then get this one and get it quickly. $185 is the regular price but I used to purchase with btc and you get a great discount I only paid $163 for 200lbs of weight and the dumbell bars and collars are really good quality. I actually thought I would need to buy a higher quality set of bars but these are already high quality.
If you are looking for a dumbbell set for the house and don’t want to spend $1000+ on it this is the set to grab and grow.
Im going to get in a solid workout today.
Im really excited about having these added to my gym at home. im going to get the link but I recommend using you get them even cheaper for using btc and you can buy anything on amazon through with btc for a discount from 5% instantly or you can go as high as 33% if you can find a receiver who is willing to take on your purchase. I will be honest I don’t understand how it really works i just know that I received a great deal on the dumbbell set and I bought the biggest bottle of taurine, nac, and tudca that I have ever seen. I had no idea they were going to be so big when I ordered.
Just to give you a size comparison look at the amp next to the taurine bottle.

I hope that this information might help someone get a great deal on some equipment for the house. A adjustable dumbbell set like this with a incline, decline, flat bench gives you so many options to add to your workout.
Also the amount of weight is incredible if you try to buy 200lbs of iron brand new you are going to pay around a $ a lb. Its ridiculous so if anyone sees a good sale on gym equipment or supp products post it up let us know because I don’t believe any of us our rich were mostly really hard working guys and gals so especially nowadays money is usually tight.
Thanks fellas


Thanks for info bro, looking for some new DBs to keep around the house so definitely appreciate this.

I got mine in yesterday for the first time with these new db and I really enjoyed them price was great. You won’t be disappointed for 185 or 163 if you pay with btc

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