Advanced, where are you?

Advanced, where are you?

Hello, and sorry for my bad english

I’m from Russia. My standing in sport pharmacy about 7 years. At 16 I bought creatine and here we go. I tried to find advanced people in Russian forums without big success. But 2 years ago I meet Andrew - engineer from Ukraine. And we doing our pharmacological experiments up to now.
I accent predominantly on overcoming organism’s limits and prefer high risc. For example I experimented with insulin - overbeared insulin receptor desensitisation(when 70ME works as 20ME). I combated androgen’s hepatotoxicity, stimulated endogenious testosterone at level of pituitary and proved that infinite using of T4/T3 in high doses is fully safe for pituitary axis.
Andrew’s goals are less ambitious, but we have a lot of areas of common interest.

So, it would be good to find shizos like we on this forum who uses google scholar and sci-hub to get knowledge. Who knows biochemistry of organism and who not intented to bear with imperfection of nature.

dobro pozhalovat’ to the ugm community!!

Welcome bud glad to have you

Welcome mad scientist

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Welcome aboard, Mate!

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