Advice for a 5 day split

Advice for a 5 day split

Hey guys, currently looking for advice or adjustments on a good 5 day split for being 8 weeks out.
On a bodybuilding shred at 200-205 lbs
i know most of you guys have a lot of experience, especially the members who have competed before.
so this is what i got so far

Monday day 1: legs & 1 hour cardio
Tuesday day 2: rest & 1 hour cardio
Wednesday day 3: Chest & 1 hour cardio
Thursday day 4: rest & 1 hour cardio
Friday day 5: Back & 1 hour cardio
Saturday day 6: Shoulders & no cardio
Sunday Day 7: Arms & 1/2 hour cardio

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I would look up some well known programs or training methods such as Renaissance Periodization or Mountain Dog Training. I personally don’t like low frequency splits like you have laid out there.


I agree with @Dutchpharma. If you’re in good shape you could hit Legs, Chest, Back 2x/week. Do you need dedicated shoulder and arm days while cutting? I’d just throw a couple exercises in on other days.

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You might like the old max ot routine.
John Meadows routines have already been mentioned.
Another 5 day routine I liked when I was younger was phat.

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I’m breathing just from reading all that cardio! Good for you though man , heart health is at the forefront

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Thanks man I’ll look into your suggestions and yes I’m not too big of a fan of the low freq either I only came up with that after a night of research that’s what I came up with. Really appreciate the suggestions

I did something like a phat routine recently and absolutely loved it. I actually got great strength gains and muscle growth. Not sure if it was me putting my ass in gear or all the gear up my ass

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