Advice for my third cycle

Advice for my third cycle

Hey UG bros, seeking the advice from you guys. I am about to start my first cycle that is NOT test only. I have run Test alone twice and have had great results. Through the last two years I have had some serious gains. I went from 165-220 lbs from fall 2018 to fall 2019. Im currently 200 lbs 13% BF, and ready for the next step.

10-12 week cycle
I was looking to stack
Test E 300-500mg a week
EQ 300-400mg a week
T-bol 25mg ED

I was thinking about holding off on the t-bol until the second half of my cycle, since by then I will have great gains from the test and eq, and I can use the tool as a second wind I guess. I also would not mind swapping out EQ for something else.

EQ should really be run longer and at a higher dose. You dont really state your goals but it sounds like you’re looking to gain more mass. Run the test at 500 and add NPP at 350/week. The shorter ester will kick in faster for the shorter cycle and you should make some very good gains. I love Tbol and it is pretty mild in terms or sides. That would be a good first oral imo. I would start the NPP 2 weeks after the test then run 10 more weeks. I would run the Tbol for 6 weeks starting 6 weeks after you start the NPP. Then start PCT the day after your last pill (2 weeks after your last test pin). Tbol at 30mg should be good for first run with it.

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Thanks @BigDogg, My idea for this cycle is pretty much a lean bulk. I don’t want to hold on to too much water or become puffy, but after all it is technically still a bulk and some things are inevitable. Ideally I would like to gain something like 20-30 lbs that I can keep while keeping a moderate bf percentage.

With the NPP you shouldn’t hold as mu h water as deca but you should get the same gains. NPP works better for me. I only use deca low dose for joint relief. Short ester test should help as well with reducing water retention. Tbol will tighten everything up at the end. 20 solid pounds from 1 cycle with low fat gain is a big goal. Your diet will have to be perfect and you’re gonna have to kill it in the gym.

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20lbs is a big goal, but I have force fed myself my last cycle and gained about 20lbs… It was also kind of a cruise and I was crushing it for about 3 months. motivation in the gym is never lacking for me as I am indeed a sick fuck.

Npp seems to be the thing most people are running this cycle coming up… a favorite around here forsure!

@Nacville Everyone raves about it. I personally haven’t had to deal with the types of sides that may come with npp or deca, but I hear cabergoline and pramipexole are best for combatting those. would be interested to hear anyone else’s takes on how they handle the side during cycles.

I use bromocriptine while on any 19nor. At 350/week NPP I might take one 2x/week. They’re not like AI, there is no real down side to taking them just in case. I just take low to moderate dosage. I’ve never had any bad sides from nandrolone or tren. I dont use high doses of either and take bromo with them.


My next cycle is t and deca, so if been trying to read as much as possible, I hear alot of talk about using b6 for sides from nandrolone but I dont have personal experience with it

Personally I’ve had better results running test at 300 and NPP at 300…
I’ve tried test at 500 and NPP at 600 and notice very little difference between the two cycles…

Just something to think about is all…


I think test/npp is a great lean bulk cycle. Npp is really mild, at moderate doses, under 400mgs/week I have no sides and have never needed to use caber or prami. 500 test 300 mast wouldn’t be a bad choice for a first cycle after test only either. You’ll grow great from 500 test and the mast will keep the water off and help keep you lean.


I used Test C at 500 weekly and NPP at 300 weekly. Was a great cycle for a lean bulk, did not need to use any caber or prami, but everybody different and not a bad idea to have on hand if prolactin becomes an issue. I would 6 weeks out add in some Mast E or P 300 weekly, this will help tighten everything up and give you that hard, grainy and fuller look… this works for me!! Also, just a side note most shorter esters had a bite or sometimes a PIP. For this reason alone I have switched to longer esters just easier on the body for me.


I guess I should have been more clear on that. The original cycle @beppeseppe posted was using Test E. In that case I would say 500mg/week. I would recommend Test P and in that case 350/week would be good. I usually run both (Test P and NPP) at 50mg/day.

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