Advice on mixing Different Tren and Test

Can you add a different Tren or Test to your stack? I am on a Tren A and Test Prop stack, but I’ve got 2 vials of Tren E and Test C as well. Can I include these in my in between days, or at the end of my cycle as my dosage is not high as it is?

Or do I just save them for another time?



I’m currently on a cutting cycle, mainly to trim a bit but develop some extra muscle.

its a mix of:
Tren Acetate - 75mg/ml
Drostanolone Propionate - 100mg/ml
Testosterone phenylpropionate 75mg/ml

Currently in doing 2 ml a week.

I’m 85kg, 179cm height not sure on BF% but I’m relatively slim with some weight around my mid section.

I’ve used tren and test before but not specifically for cutting.

I just wanted to know if it was safe to mix the different esters together if I wanted to have a little boost at the end of my cylce or even during

Please write an introduction post in the introduction category so that we can get to know a bit about you

What are the dosages you are running now how much tren and test per week?
What are your goals that you are looking to achieve from this cycle?
What is your experience with using compounds?

Stats height weight bf% age?

These questions will allow me to answer your questions better


I like to stack long and short esters together to get a time released effect.


Thanks, I’ve edited the post. not too sure on the formatting requirements etc but should give you enough information.

Thanks for the update

I made this your introduction post to make it easier welcome to ugmuscle.

Its safe to mix but after this cycle unless you are looking to cruise which basically means to stay on testosterone at a low dose I would recommend coming off run a pct get bloodwork done so that you know where you are at with your levels and then jump back into it with the longer ester testosterone and adjust your diet to fit the needs of your next cycle and then run again.
Its really good to give your body some rest especially after a good trenbolone acetate run.
I believe that saving them for the next time around is the way to go to maximize the benefits from the long ester compounds.

Good luck and good gains brother

Thanks for the feedback @Bigmurph, but in theory if I added the extra test C to the cycle or the tren E it would be ok?

Kind regards

It should I would reccomend getting some bloodwork first just to know where your levels are at so that you are prepared to add in compounds that act differently from the longer esters.
Also just make sure that you have your AI and dopamine intag to get you through the rest of the time you plan on using aas.

Good luck and good gains brother

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