Albuterol - Who’s ran it?

What’s everyone’s opinion on this stuff? Who has ran it? Decided I don’t wanna go the Clen route so running some pharm albuterol.

Starting today 12mg ed split 3x gunna bump to 16mg then stay there prolly. I have 4 weeks left on my cut. I also have ketotifen.

Should I start the ketotifen right from the beginning to make sure i get the most out of it, or wait til start of week 3? Don’t wanna run more stuff than I need but if it’s worth it I don’t mind as ketotifen doesn’t seem to really have a huge down side.

Interested to hear how this stuff hasn worked for others.


Brother when I read some of your posts is like some where between Cantonese and Mandarin…I celebrate how knowledgeable you’re

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I grew up with asthma and that has made me very familiar with albuterol and ephedrine.
Ephedrine is stronger but I believe that albuterol is the better choice.
It has always given me the shakes and it crushes my appetite. Cardio becomes much easier due to the higher oxygen intake. You might even gain extra stamina for cardio.
3 on 1 off is a popular run but ketifen will clean your receptors and make it so you can continually run the compound.
I’ve been told that benadryl helps if you have issues with sleeping and it supposedly helps albuterol work better.
I don’t know if that’s true but a buddy that has been around told me that. Rnmuscle might have some knowledge about the benadryl maybe even PHD.
It works but its not a miracle fat burner but adding it to your cut is a great choice


Appreciate it @Bigmurph. I’ll jist hop on he ketotifen. From what I read, it’s taken before bed because it helps with sleep too and is better choice than Benadryl.

I just don’t wanna go the Clen route anymore. Not worth it IMO if not competing.

Ps. I do already have some slight tremors only 2 doses in lol. I know the stuffs legit as it’s from the pharmacist.


I just don’t like beta agonists unless you need the 2% onstage at the nationals. Even then , arythmias and increased insulin release cause problems. And make sure every other med is checked. Clen or salbutamol and diuretics can cause big problems. I knew a guy that was taking propanolol for anxiety and using clen, kept raising the clen because it wasn’t “working” why? Beta blocker and beta agonist. Didn’t cross his mind. So the " right amount of clean was enough to give him some pvc scares.

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:joy::joy::joy: i am on the same book except i am sure i am a few dozen pages behind u :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You make a good point bro. I should probably just be doing it by diet when I don’t compete. After this I prolly won’t use any anymore. I just saw albuterol looked much safer than Clen. Knew I didn’t wanna use that stuff anymore.

Imo. I rather see people use the hormones for that 10%. You know it well. Your diet is on , you train consistent. You’ve gained a lot of muscle. Even different esters, different cycle combos that’s all good. Its when bbers went to prostaglandins, insulin, this to combat this , that to release this. Its not enough that I do exogenous hormone but now I want to shoot the precursors to turn into the hormone. I want to inhibit the enzyme that breaks down the hormone. I want everything running at full power 24/ 7. As you see, I’m more apprehensive of all the extras that have come along. The body will get to that homeostatic state. We can’t replace everything. Science still argues down regulation so, does something like keto fumirate really keep beta 2 receptors ready for business? Some of these meds we take have so much worse possible sides and deadly than the originally developed anabolics. Just throwing it out there. Not like I haven’t done Ventolin or clen syrup​:disappointed::disappointed:

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I certainly agree with you bro. I’m normally a less is more in all circumstances.

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