All the hype behind primobolan or metholone enanthate

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Is it hype or is it real?
We will start with primobolan or metholone enanthate or acetate. It is a dht derived compound that actually turns into dhb which I still have not found out how this happens but it is true. So with primo its an extremely expensive compound that you have to inject high amounts of and the injections are painful. This is why they try and keep primo to 100mgs a ml but there are labs with 200mgs a ml. If you see anything higher than this be very weary of whatever brand it is because as far as I know metholone is to heavy to dose any higher and will crash.
So the benefits of primobolan are that it has little to no side effects and you keep usually 100% of your gains. Compared to most aas cycles where you take 3 steps forward but by the end of pct you take 2 steps back.
Its said that you should only run it at a low bf% because you won’t see the results. I don’t believe this is completely true I wouldn’t reccomend running when you’re at 30%bf but at 16% or lower after a 20wk cycle you’re definitely going to see something.
I have heard both sides that primo is a waste of money and I’ve heard its the best compound out there.
I have personally witnessed 3 people run 20wk primobolan testoviron depot and anavar cycles
1-20 testoviron 250mgs a wk
1-20 primobolan 600-800mgs a wk
12-20 anavar 60mgs split 30mg 2x a day
With this cycle I’ve seen amazing changes in all 3 mens physique. The real question I ask myself though is couldn’t you run a 20wk just test cycle and have amazing transformation? I think so what do others think about this i would love to hear some feedback.

Primo enanthate… I’ve had decent results with myself… you don’t see dramatic gains but over long term u definitely have a harder denser and drier gain… which if you’re a bodybuilder is preferred… if you gain a solid 5lbs… with no bloat… awesome…if you gain 20lbs with bloat and have to lose that and come up with only 5lbs, you end up taking 2 steps forwards 3 back… with my recent surgery I’ve been running 250 test and 300 primo enanthate a week, and without training and little food I’ve maintained 240, and not too far out of shape… now is it worth the price… that’s up to the individual, but I will say this it’s a longer term drug… meaning less than 16 weeks I don’t think u will see pronounced gains… but I’ve seen and had some solid gains on just test/primoE
primo acetate pre contest is amazing lol

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i’ definitely going to run it for 20wks at 600-800mgs I believe I can get good solid gains that I will hold

I’m not too sure what the rules are regarding bumping old threads such as this one are but i’m curious!

How’d your run with primo go Bigmurph?

I just started my first primo cycle at 600mg/week. Going to be running it for a while.
What were your thoughts on primo? I was a bit hesitant at first because of the price but went ahead and put in a order for some primo couple weeks back.

Currently running
375mg/week Test
600mg/week Primo
50mg Proviron/ed

I haven’t actually ran it yet unfortunately last year when I ordered my primo cycle let’s just say it disappeared. I have just received my newly ordered primo cycle i have it locked in a heavy safe.
I plan on running 400mgs then 600mgs then 800mgs but I might just keep it at 600mgs straight through im still researching to be honest.
I will only run a trt dose of test e at 125mgs with blood work i might have to adjust this but I want to see what primo can really do.
My diet plan is 400g of protein a day low carbs not so low i have no energy and fats moderate.
I normally run Proviron but with all the dhb from the primo i will leave it out of this one.
Var I really want to add at the end but it depends on how the primo is working and if it needs to be added.
The rules here are basically whatever you want as long as there is no bashing or trolling.
There are no bad opinions or questions.

How is your cycle going are you enjoying running Primo do you believe that its worth every penny. I have heard both sides

Oh dam :confused: sorry to hear that bro but at least youve got a new batch on hand now!

I was debating dosages as well…im sticking to 600mg for now and then ill possibly up the dose to 800…
I was doing a lot of research like yourself but i think 600mg is a good happy medium dose along with a high protein diet

Its too early to tell as of right now, ive only pinned 600mgs so far. Ill post a little update here once things start rolling!

Id love to run some var at the end of the primo cycle as well. Heard var and primo is absolutely amazing!

Goodluck on your run with primo brotha. Im hoping my primo run will be an amazing one :slight_smile:

Please keep us updated on your cycle im trying to take in as much experience from as many people as I can

Sure thing. I’ll update and write up my experience with it. I’m sure other people looking to get more information regarding primo would like it as well.

I was running 100mg of primo e for 2 months or so while cruising (Test e 150-200, 100 deca, 100 primo per week). Prior to that I had run a lean bulk topping out at 217 for a roughly 15lb gain. Of course some fell off as urine, but ended up sticking at 210 after that. Two weeks ago I started a mini cut to drop some percentage points of body fat. Last weigh in was 207. Still higher than when I started the mass gaining cycle but far lower bf%. Strength has remained constant since the cycle for the most part; some lifts I am stronger, others sticking steady while some have dropped but not by much. While I’d like to attribute this to primo solely, but I believe it is the synergy between the three. BUt I don’t think the gains would have been able to marinate in the way they have, and I do believe primo, even at a low dose did the trick. Someday I may include it in a full on cycle. shits expensive!

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