Allergic to EO possibly?

So I have used gear with EO in the past without problems, and I know they had EO because if you have ever used gear that has it of brewed with it you will never forget the smell.
I got a mixed blend 50ml jug, 200mgs test Iso, and 25mgs winny. I am guessing it a 50/50 mix due to the shorter ester and the Winny in it.
I got home a couple nights ago about a day after I injected 1ml of it and brought in hives. My head itched terribly and then anywhere i itched got red and raised.
Been taking benadryl and Ib to Combat it and it kinda works.
The only other thing I could think it would be was the paint I was using the days since my inject time.
Whats your all thought and experiences from Allergies to EO.
And dang forum wkng let me upload files for pics. But it definitely is a reaction and not infection

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@Poppy yeah, painted an entire house the last 2 and a half days. But started this new blend of gear at the same time. So can’t tell if its this new gear or the paint.

Paint these days is so everything proof. You could probably eat latex and just crap colors! Unless you’re using some sort of oil based stuff. That’ll probably hurt ya. You might have gotten a bad brew or gotten into something you’re allergic to.

Are you sure its not gluicol that you are allergic to EO usually causes a reaction more like an infection.

You could definitely be allergic to EO also a small percentage are I love 100%EO brews the bm pharmaceutical prominate is 100% EO

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