Alpha North Lab Review From Norfolk County Boys

Hi guys I am a personal trainer representing for Alpha North Labs and these are some reviews I have received from some of my clients (including the last one from me) all on the same gear:

The gear is good, the prices are good, the shipping is quick, I am only a few weeks into my program so results aren’t hugely noticeable yet, but definitely feeling it, planning on making another order soon of T400 and anavar.

Noticing rapid lean gains, keeping me strong at work, good quick service, friendly staff, had a little bit of sides at first, cause I’m prone to gyno, but upped my arimidex and that took care of that, I will keep ordering from Alpha North 100%.


I am a new guy just trying my first cycle of Testosterone Enanthate, I have my anti aromatase on hand just in case, and I have my PCT of clomid and nolvadex ready to go for PCT, I will keep you guys updates as to how my cycle is going and will definitely be a continuing customer in years to come. thanks guys.


I just finished my second cycle with Alpha North, and things went well, no side effects that I noticed, I am stronger and more masculine for sure after using with these guys, I will be doing another cycle soon with GH involved. thanks guys.


What is this?!? Lol

This mine and 4 other guys reviews of Alpha North Labs Gear. which is all positive so far.

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I’m with @Bigswole69… Def following this log! Lol

Is this a joke, get the fuck outta here


I should flag it, but I’m gonna leave it, so everyone can see dumbness.


@cpurvis you have to post pics full frontal nude and back side bent over looking like a mad dragon holding the product to review!!!

This is his and his boys reviews for a Canadian sponsor that we have please don’t attack these guys for writing a review. They didn’t do it right but they wanted to show that they used that gear and give there opinion.
Remember if we have nothing to help then leave it alone or flag it and I will get involved.

@cpurvis you should have all your boys make there own accounts that way everyone can leave their own personal review and also they can write reviews and possibly post pictures of products they used in there cycle.


Reads like a bad infomercial


It might not be great but its a review for a sponsor here

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Ok then, so it’s normal, for someone to write 4 reviews FOR 4 other people,all at once? There’s gotta be a better way, so it don’t look as bad.

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I already brought it up and it was approved I didn’t like the fact that they didn’t even use the template.
This is where we want to keep our Canadian brothers and sisters to get involved and not drive them away im trying to be welcoming that’s all

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Ok your right, my intent is not to drive them away, although I sounded differently, they as In @cpurvis should not be so random with it,it looks crappy, they don’t even have accounts, but yet here he is posting reviews on their behalf.

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Im working on it brother it can’t be like this im going to get them to do it right or pull it down I was thinking that they have to follow the same rules as anyone else


I understand what your sayin, and I will tone it down when it comes to these situations

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No I don’t want that I want you to be how you are with me always straight up but welcome the new members but I always want your opinion. Honestly reach out to me about shit you see

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