Alpha North Labs Canada TOUCH DOWN!

This is my first ever cycle 6’3 260lbs with about 10 years training experience. Current cycle is 500 T400 and 300 Tren Ace weekly with arimidex and novadex on hand for AI and PCT. Training hard, eating well and looking to lose some fat and gain 10 pounds of solid muscle. I will update with the quality

Please repost picture packaging isn’t allowed


Good morning sir.

Please go to introduction section and throw up some stats so we can properly welcome you.


This is the normal routine for AlphaNorth, the dude trains people, has and/or still does make these intros for them sometimes, its stupid buts been happening for awhile

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Or he tells them do it, with complete disregard for how things run…

Welcome to ugmuscle brother you should write an introduction with stats and experience before posting something like this or it just looks like advertising.

I look forward to seeing your introduction

Damn this guy decides to post his td and you assume he is a bad guy?

Cause its happened before…and there’s packaging in the background

There’s no way I’m imagining this stuff with AlphaNorth

There a sponsor at ugmuscle and there are people who aren’t the fool from before so please welcome new members don’t assume there bad guys look at how he types does that look like Chris?

I find it very odd this happens with them,multiple times before, Purvis has also said he makes accounts for his clients and does these posts, which means he should know these “Introductions” are not proper… maybe like you said you did @Bigmurph I should take a step back and quiet down some, seeing as lately I seem to be making waves and having problems

Take as much time as you want

This is the reason I need a break because of bullshit like this I can’t believe that you put me in this position.

This is fucked up on your part @John

I apologize @CoreyMF


Welcome @CoreyMF quite a strong first cycle. Hopefully you are planning on using more than Nolvadex for a pct after this cycle. You’re going to need it.

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Welcome brother. Give us some stats!

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If you haven’t already started I would drop the tren for first cycle. We all want everything right always but you should really see
How i you out body responds to one compounds at a time starting out