Alpha Pharma Founder Imprisoned for Smuggling Steroids Into UK

Alpha Pharma Founder Imprisoned for Smuggling Steroids Into UK

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this shit really chaps my ass. why do they waste money and prison cells on these ppl. how many men need test for trt but cant afford health insurance or other benefits of different aas for men and women. in some contries a doc can know you need a prescription and just flat out say no. i can think of a million different types of ppl that should be stuck in a cell besides these guys


This will keep happening over and over because of pharmaceutical companies.
They have incredible power and they don’t want to lose business to someone who supplies the same exact product as them for around 1/10 of the cost.
Look at any medication that’s a generic and it is almost for sure that it was produced in India.
So I believe that we should all be able to procure our medicine from wherever we want but pharma companies will never let it happen because they would lose a large amount of money.
Remember alpha pharma is a registered pharmaceutical company in India so there a legitimate operation in my eyes.
I believe though that the pharma companies in the UK don’t agree.


15,000 kilos, big boss status numbers👍

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