Ambition Diet and training log

Hey guys thanks for stopping by, I’ve been wanting to post a progress log for awhile but never got around to it. Trying to put on a bit more size without too much fat gain.
Updated - 6/12

175mg Test E/wk
325mg Test P

My usual days diet, sometimes I’ll add a few breakfast burritos if I’m on a job site but other then that I stick to the plan. Fasted cardio for 30 minutes when I get up.

Meal 1 - Shake - 1 scoop iso, 1 scoop naked pb, psyllium husk, 100g quick oats. 80g blueberries, 50g banana, 2oz baby spinach. Then I cook 2 whole eggs, 1 egg white, 6 almonds

Vitamins - one a day multi, 5000iu vit D3, 250mg magnesium, 1g taurine, 2 fish oil caps.

Meal 2 - 6oz cooked bison, 360g of white rice, siracha, 1oz baby spinach.

Meal 3 - 227g wild cod, 360g of white rice, siracha,10 almonds, 1oz baby spinach, .5 tbsp olive oil.

Meal 4 - Preworkout - 142g cooked chicken, 340g Russet potatoes, 2g taurine.

Meal 5 - Postworkout - 4oz Pedialyte, 4oz orange juice, 2g pink salt, 20g dextrose, then 30 minutes later 142g cooked chicken, 370g white rice, siracha, 1g taurine.

Meal 6 - 30g protein iso, 100g quick oats, 5 almonds, 2 fish oil caps.

Meal 7 - 1 cup of wholefat greek yogurt, 10 almonds, 4 baby carrots.

Around 4700 calories


Will post workouts for the week so far once I get home from work.



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Nice! Seems like some good accurate tracking for your food consumption. Nice job :+1:


Ive been hearing that bison is a great meat to eat I heard it was salty but im interested in trying I would even try rocky mountain oysters lol

I look forward to following along brother


Found if I don’t track I under eat big time. Hopefully I’ll be able to gauge what I’m eating by eye sometime in the future. It’s a lot of work haha.


Definitely don’t need to add salt to it that’s for sure. Also I have issues with gal stones if I’m eating alot of red meat/eggs, the bison doesn’t seem to bother me like beef does. Thanks for checking my log out bro.


My diet is easy… if it tastes good…spit it out. Hahaha


Oh im definitely in all the logs following I love seeing what others are doing compared to me ive picked up so much from so many over the years. I really like that if you follow the logs you can really see how individual AAS is and how it really works different for everyone.


Huh? Spit it out?

Everything tasty is not good for me…too many carbs.

It’s an old joke from doctors if you put something in your mouth and it tastes good…spit it out…it aint no good for you.


Ok lol I didn’t get it doesn’t surprise me im a little :upside_down_face:

Sad but true😭

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I like your attention to detail. One critique I have is your choice of fish. Take that tslapia out and add in something with nutritional vslue. That fish is probably the worst choice of fish there is. Other than the protein has ZERO nutritional benefits. You obviously care about your health and physique so spend a few extra bucks and eat a proper fish


I love bison meat. To me it’s like a mixture of deer and beef.


I have to try it I was going to but the restaurant wanted so much for the bison I skipped it especially because if I didn’t like it I didn’t want to get stuck with it lol
I will give it a go next time.

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Woo big eater



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OP, that is a wonderfully detailed and well thought out diet! Puts mine to shame. I under-eat when I fail to track as well, winding up 50-100g short on protein.


I don’t think I’ve seen bison in the stores in my area. Of course NC is hog country. Bunch of gangsters.

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