An overview of me not a sum total in the least

An overview of me not a sum total in the least

Hey bros:
I’m new here. I’ve been running stuff for a while. I like to call myself late middle aged so as to avoid saying old. I use not only gear but Peptides and SARMs and published something academic which devoted a chapter to enhancement although the big topic was Theory. I competed in Master’s Men’s Physique and want to move up to Classic Physique this year, genetics be damned. So that’s me . Btw being verbose is without doubt my greatest flaw but I’ll try to contain myself.


You sound linguistically sophisticated to me bro


Welcome aboard, congratulations on your publication!

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Welcome aboard! Great place here, the only forum I visit.

Welcome to the board. Always love seeing more knowledge come to the site!


Welcome recently made the switch from sarms to gear myself so glad to see another person wi experience with both here

Welcome to the board.

Welcome to UGM!

Welcome aboard brotha!

Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around I would be interested in reading what you had published.
Is there a way for me to check it out?
Either way hit me up anytime @Bigmurph

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