Anadrol vs Dianabol who prefers what?

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Ima first cycle I ever ran was just 500mg. Test 400 and 50mg anadrol for first 4 weeks and I transformed into a complete different person with that cycle , Anyway the drol turned me into a beast at the gym I would always take 45 min to hr before going and I would work out ball to the wall for 2 hours and it still didn’t feel like enough
But I’m debating on trying d boo this time but don’t wanna try it and say damn I shoulda used anadrol lol but I don’t take ore workout and the anadrol is like a ore work out so I always look to a cycle that involves it

I love dbol I would use it strictly as a pwo. I would just like you talk about be able to walk into the gym and feel like a demigod working out.
Huge gains from dbol and alot of power. I would only take 20-30mg mostly British dispensary but I have used March blue hearts also.
Adrol is also powerful. I would still use dbol with every cycle if my bp wouldn’t explode from it.
If you really want to feel adrol or dbol get anadrolic or some blue hearts. If you can find British dispensary dbol I would go for that.


I’ve used both multiple times and there’s some pretty big differences in how I react. Adrol makes me feel like an animal. The pumps and strength gains are like nothing else for me. Sometimes the pumps are too much to handle, especially in back and biceps. I also notice a difference in how my body builds. I don’t usually hold too much water or “bloat” with Adrol. What I feel it lacks is the general “feel good” feeling I get from Dbol though.

I always feel happier and a little less aggressive on Dbol. The gains are quick and steady but I don’t like the bloat that I usually get from it but the strength and extra protection of the water retention is a plus though it usually leads to higher BP and I have to cut my cycle shorter because of it.

My liver panels are always worse with Adrol compared to Dbol as well so I feel more lethargic on Adrol.

I suppose I don’t really have a preference but if I have to make a choice to answer your thread, I would choose Adrol. It’s a risk vs reward scenario either way.


Yes that’s how tha anadrol is for me I could use it strictly as pw I was able to make contact with one of my old sources that I originally got my a drol from the first time and ive heard good stuff about d bol but was skeptical about it not giving me that pw effect like the a drol did, everytime I went to the gym I was having to add more weight my strength was increasing daily and within the first week in drol I was noticibky bigger

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Adrol is my favorite as well. You get the benefits without the bloat of Dbol.

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I’ve never ran dbol because I seem to aromatize a little more than normal so I’ve steered clear. However, I have ran drol many times and love it. Anywhere from 50-100, I prefer the 100. Split throughout the day. Strength very clearly goes up with great gains. BP can be an issue if your diet isn’t in check


I only use inject dbol as pwo, I don’t favor the quick gains or jump starting my cycle cause i believe I have finally learned that their is nothing quick about this process

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Adrol is my favorite but I stack both sometimes. Using a lower dose of each at the same time seems to be most effective.
Dbol tends to bloat me more.

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