Anavar everyday on or off cycle

Wondering how true this article is? Does anyone here take anavar everyday regardless of cycle?

Anavar (oxandrolone) is very safe for the liver. Every man should take one or two pills per day. Women can take it too, because it doesn’t have androgenic effects, it is pure anabolic. It boosts the immune system tremendously. People that are HIV+ have taken Anavar for up to 15 years without getting AIDS. They take Anavar plus rHGH. Anavar speeds up (improves) metabolism, and it will not aromatize (convert to estrogen). Zero aromatization. It has no effect on libido, because it has no androgenic (male, virile) effects it is only anabolic (builds muscle). The FDA took it off the market (par for the course, for the FDA.) in the U.S. for many years. Now it is back on the market because of the AIDS epidemic. Becoming HIV+ doesn’t even scare me anymore because Anavar plus growth hormone will prevent HIV+ from becoming AIDS. For example, Magic Johnson was HIV+, now appears to be negative." - Doctor David Speer


Are you saying you can run this compound off cycle with affecting your natural test production?

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I’m saying the article I posted that I found online says what it says. I have no idea that’s why I’m asking the experts

But if what it says it’s true you could stack it on any cycle lol. Pct with it.

This is interesting I’m going to have to look into this thanks for sharing buddy :+1:

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Great brief write up.

This is correct when it comes to auto immune diseases. Anything muscle wasting giving HIV as the topic of discussion hgh and anavar have been used to prevent cellular degeneration over the decade. Doses are usually 3iu daily paired with 50mg of anavar per 100lbs of weight.

As always these individuals have routine blood work and i would always suggest the same.


So you think it is safe to take off cycle without effecting you natural test production? Thanks OP

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I do under 50mg a day is typical. But this is also dose and age dependent. If you say im 56 and going to run 80mg a day. Then your endo bounce back is going to be much harder to recover. This is truly case by case. Thats one reason i talk about kisspeptins and hcg to keep natural signaling to the testicals to always function.


Soooo can I take anavar everyday on top of everything else and be safe, and pct with it to?

Why would you pct with a steroid,dumb.

If your asking to be safe,On top of everything else, how much shit are you running

I’m not saying I would I’m just more or less interested in the knowledge of it. Because the article is making it seem like you can take it no matter what.

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And I’m only running test and dbol

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And I’m sure there are things you can take that aren’t a steroid to help with the same things Var does. Ok I was just checking and good that’s a nice simple cycle.

And that’s part of the reason I don’t like the article, because people are going to think just that, that you can take it no matter what.

That’s exactly why I brought it here, because I was like hold up, am I being told that this is an every day medicine that I can take? Or is it misleading

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@Jsween94 me knowing your history I would say no. This would be more of an appropriate approach for the older crowd with a different trt protocol.


Understood buddy thanks

I’m a firm believer that the body needs a break from all compounds. While Anavar is less toxic, it is still toxic. I would never run an oral for year/years. The best advice I got was off cycle as long as on cycle. I’ve done that for years. And thank god have had little or no side effects. Well there was a case of deca dick, but that was me being stupid. :joy:. So really long answer, no. I personally would not run any oral for a long period of time.


When I hit 700mg of deca I got it. But when I kept it at a 2:1 ratio test:deca I was perfectly fine lol

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