And here...we........go. (Introduction)

Have lurked the forum for some time.

Mid-twenties with seven years of lifting experience.

First three years were on off. Last four years have been religious.

COVID strength/size losses have me readier than ever to take the plunge.

Have many symptoms of Low-T. Trouble sleeping and “no amount of sleep feels like enough.” Have seemingly lower libido than most others my age. Not eager to hit the clubs/bars to pick up women as my friends seem to be.

As I said, not positive I have Low T, but it is what has me considering hopping on.

Mainly looking at simple Test C/E and overall keeping it as safe as possible. Main concern is losing the ability to have kids or putting bad products in my body.

Just looking to be as smart and safe as I can possibly be with all of this.

I’ll likely speak with a doctor following bloodwork if T/free T were to be low. But still would like to build up my own research as well.

Thank you to those responsible for putting this place together.


Welcome bro.

Here’s a link BigMurph posted for blood test
I couldn’t post the whole link, site won’t let me.


Start with blood work. It’s the only safe place to start if your concern is Low T.

Use the magnifying glass to search your questions. Tons of knowledge here.

As far as your concern with having kids, HCG preserves your natural production. But learn/worry about that later. If your concern is low T. Get blood work done.

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Welcome. Sounds like you know what to do on researching.
Keep it simple and bloodwork is key along with diet.

I have a few friends been blasting for 15 years and still were able to have kids.



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Welcome aboard

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