Another interesting btc tool to make trades

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Check this link out

These are all new scams on the internet to try to take your Bitcoin East Litecoin all your different coins do not invest in these tokens or supposedly ico’s that are going to be worthless these people have a good scam going they’re getting you to invest your Bitcoin or other coin into their supposedly token and saying that once the Ico opens it will be worth money it’s going to be worthless there might be a few of these that actually are legit but 90% of them are complete bullshit you cannot sell your tokens you cannot trade your tokens make sure that you read the terms of conditions of all contracts before you buy or invest in any type of coin. This is a huge scam on the internet I have come across so many of these websites while trying to invest in cryptocurrency. Be careful Brothers don’t get taken like I did yesterday for almost $100 I learned a hard lesson. I might get rich off that hundred dollars but more than likely I won’t see a single penny come out of it so please read the terms and conditions before you invest in anything don’t be stupid like I was.

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your best bet is to do research and use established traders that have a long history of trading. as much as I hate coinbase they are good for getting started and then transferring funds to a different wallet … again using wallets that you have done your homework on and have established a track record of being legitimate …

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