Another Intro - Finally hopping on

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What’s up everybody, been on and off the boards here for the past year, finally decided to make an account.

Been training for a good bit - around 15 years consistently now. Competing in bodybuilding for the past two.

Been mostly natural, blindly took some pro-hormones in college, shit was lit.

I’ve really nailed my prep this past season, as anyone who’s competed naturally knows that shit knocks you on your ass, especially because I held the conditioning for multiple shows. Been three months since my last show and my test has finally bounced back. But I’m not doing that shit again, ready to see what I can do with some gear.

Still researching, weighing options, etc. But I’m pumped to see what I can do with the physique.

See you all around


Welcome if your doing it natural and already know what to do I’m really excited to hear how you do with real stuff.


Hey brother welcome to ugmuscle glad to have you around and I look forward to seeing your cycle plans.

Welcome aboard!


Welcome- you’ll like it here

Welcome aboard @joeywire , pleasure to have you join the community. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to hit me up anytime brotha✌️

Welcome to the board.
Tons of great people here.



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