Another quick delivery from Medlabgear

@Bigmurph you must be right about possibly working for the post office. My second order with them…ordered at 3pm Friday and they had it shipped out by 5pm and received it today (Monday) before I got in from work at 3pm! Outstanding! If you are in need of pins in a hurry this should definitely be your goto!


These guys are def on their game.

I wanted to go with the 23g this time but went with the 25’s again…the scar tissue that’s building up I thought I might be better off with the 23g but decided against it bc I’ve gotten so comfortable with the the 25g after starting out originally with 22g harpoons from tractor supply until @bigmurph put me on game to these guys. I’m still going to order just the 23g pins here next week to have em on hand.

@Fitraver definitely on top of their game and take care of business like a truly respectable and dependable business should…imo no need looking elsewhere for my needs.

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I agree with you 100%

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Haha that’s awesome dude, I placed my order Friday as well and received it today.

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@Islandswole Hell yeah that is awesome bro!

Sorry to all other srcs but MLG is the best and fastest src for anything. They beat Amazon in customer service and shipping times

Valerie is the best also she always sends me a surprise in my order.

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good website, nearly including most lab equipments and materials

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