Another update in alpha North..

Hello all, recently I have been cruising on my cycle and have went with alpha again and switched from Cyp to E.
I realize the esters are very similar but I decided I’d break them doses into twice weekly instead of once a week. Thanks to the quality and rapid response of delivery and shipping I’ve had with Alpha, I’ve been able to maintain a constant lower level of estrogen spikes vs before my once weekly doses.

What is everyone else’s experience with more frequent dosing and e vs cyp?


Twice a week will give more level and consistent numbers. I think pretty much everyone on here is 2 times a week with longer esters.
C or E? Really close to the same esters. C is a couple days longer half life and some are more pip prone to E. Me it’s the opposite. I will use C before E. C carries one more carbon molecule. That’s about it, and in the pharma world C is more expensive than E.


I agree. Twice a week is definitely better then once a week. I really haven’t noticed much difference personally between E or C. I usually get whatever one mg make more sense for my cycle.


Agreed with everyone up top

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