Any advice on a cycle for a women

Any advice on a cycle for a women

Ok so my GF is all bent up needing some help although she has used sarms and not too much gains but little strength. Shes looking to loose mid and thigh fat her diet is on . Shes on hart medicine to lower her bp clonidine 10ml 3 times a day and amlodipine/benzapril once a day at night. So im new to the aas what recommendations do you have guy and gals.

I don’t recommend any compounds for her to be honest.
She needs a solid diet what diet plan is she on now and honestly she should create her own account.


We have no clue what her current condition and diet is. Honestly thats the first thing. How long has she been on the diet, etc. There’s so many questions. She takes the wrong product and can fuck up her hormones pretty bad.


Her diet is lean meats ,fish, lean red meats fresh vegetables shes eats like 3 to 4 meals a day shes not counting calories or carbs. But shes doing mountain due. I been telling her until im blue innmy face about soda.

She needs to get her diet right and start doing cardio and lifting to achieve her goals. Nothing more than that is honestly needed for her goals brother.

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What are her stats? Age, height, weight etc. Need to know how much weight were talking about.

My wife was having trouble losing weight after our last daughter, knowing my history with aas, her first question was “what steroids can I take to help me lose weight?” Now we all know the answer to this, but my little slice of heaven can be persistent, so I made her a deal. If she would commit to a training plan, and we could focus on her diet for 30 days, we could start to plan a cycle for her. She did really good, she committed to training 3 times a week, cleaned her diet up, and truly committed to making change and working hard. When the 30 day mark she said she was happy with the progress and didnt want to cycle. I was thrilled. Its obvious you care very much about your woman, but if shes already on BP meds, and doesn’t have a perfect diet, she would likely be doing more harm than good. I would recommend HIIT training.

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Clonidine is bad news. I got injuries all the time while on it.
Very low dose anavar and turinabol are best for women. Don’t do primobolan. It changes their voice quickly. So many bs “gurus” put women on primo and they end up sounding like a tranny. I had my ex on pharma amps 100% legit from tha pharmacy. Her voice changed within 2 weeks on 50mg.
10mg turinabol and 10mg anavar is good to start with. HGH works great in women for fat loss. 2ius/day

Yes, so DIET

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Yes i agree what everyone is saying shes seeing me on my trt and past tren cycl. We train together anywere from 5 to 6 days a week and its hard for her to keep up sometimes. Were when im done with weight training and wanting to do cardio were shes wanting to tan. I think between the soda and not doing cardio. And shes just came off the sarms she was on loosening weight now shes off shes putting back the belly faster then she lost it as shes claims

That’s your answer right there she needs to up her cardio and lots of water.

Honestly she probably should have never even done the sarms


I have seen that on her research shes doing. In her earlier 30s even into her late 30s before her hart shit goong on she was lean. I personally think her hart meds are slowing her metabolism down way to much i think maybe cutting down two only two 10mg twice a day seeing how shes feels and picking up her cardio and trying to her her off the soda. I even thought maybe a thyroid issue. But shes driving me nuts with her weight thing i told her if you want it bad enough then work for it put the hard work in dont be lazy do the cardio and monitor her diet better so shes can have a base to start at then cut or add to it as needed to get the gains she needs…

Brother clonidine comes in .01mg and. 02mg are you sure you don’t mean klonopin? Or clonazepam?


That happened to an old friend of mine lol. Her boyfriend was pissed. They kept hoping it would go back to normal but nope.

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Yeah she did the sarms about two months. She’s been on ostrine dosed up too 25mg a day, GW 15mg day, and S4 25 mg day. Then she got an unbearably itchy rash on her legs and started getting bad acne and never had acne problems before

Doesn’t sound like it went well

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Yes you right correct on that .01 three times a day clonidine

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No she didn’t shes stoped cold turkey i told her shes was doing too many at one time.

I don’t know much about sarms but it sounds like she went all in

That’s awesome you guys train together, and I know it’s not the answer she’s gonna want to hear, but dropping the soda and doing cardio is the solution, no compound is gonna change that!

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