Any thoughts on DHB 1-Test cyp 100mg VS Test cyp 200mg

Any thoughts on DHB 1-Test cyp 100mg VS Test cyp 200mg

Hi i dont know if this is the right area on this forum to ask this kind of question. So i been reading as much as i could on these some what similar compunds in a way that they are only the same cause of the ester wich im trying to findout if any of you know what might be the difference between the 2 as of % of Testosterone you may get and what i read is DHB is a 2:1 ratio and any other Testosterone is a 1:1 ratio now this is where i get confused :man_shrugging: what does this mean as of do the 2 compunds wether they have a different effect / result is to what you might get out of the 2 is DHB more of a cutting compound or bulking or could it be for both say like Tren i dont maybe one of you can shed some light for me plz and thank you

There completely different compounds DHB or 1 testosterone cypionate is a strong compound but it is a completely different compound than testosterone cypionate.
You can’t compare the two compounds there nothing alike.

I never got to run a full 6wks of dhb but I’ve used it and it bites. Its a strong compound but to much pip for me to use and its everyday injections.


Everyday? I thought DHB 1-Test cyp was a compound that ester last as long as a week before injection ? Is it a fast acting compound like prop? An i ask this cause every place says u can take 1 injection a week or everyday and that the only reason why u can take everyday cause this particular compound doesnt aromatize like any other test compound. As well ive herd its got really bad bites to bad pip but when i plan on running it i was gonna pin with other compounds so pip isnt as bad an test out running only 1/2cc to see what my reaction is like but i was gonna run it with long esters cause i was under the impression it has the same length in ester as Test cyp was the only thing it was similar is only the cyp ester name plan to run with

Thank you though like i said there is so much mixed info on this compound i couldnt figure out what it was. Only thing i know what to expect from this is what ive definitely read muiltiple times is the horrible pip but allot that were doing it were pinning 200mg at one time with just this compound by itself wich was never my plan to do so i hope its a long ester cause i was gonna run it with

DHB1-Testcyp 100mg
Test-cyp 200mg
EQ 300mg

But if its a short ester compound i guess i will run it with

Tren ace
Test prop
Mast prop

Dhb and 1testcyp are completely different compounds. They use the names to describe the same compound. When it was a prohormone it was called dhb when it was released after the ban they started calling it 1testcyp. It is just 1 testosterone made into an injectable version instead of an oral compound.

I did a write up awhile back if you can search for it then you can see everything I was able to come up with myself and I even spoke with the man who wrote the book and that confirmed everything.

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There’s slot of good info on the board about DHB, especially Bigmurphs write up, but they are totally different. There’s good info on testosterone and all the esters as well.

No no no i wasnt saying impossible to the ester thing it was more of a question sorry my grammer is completely horrible im sorry for that. The question to the ester part was something i read im not saying you are wrong at all thats why i asked this in the forum. And yes the description on the bottle is 1-Test cyp but as far as the description of tittle where it is says

Before i make anyone mad about this let me ask does this compound act like a long ester or a short ester will it be more like

Test cyp
Test phenylpropionate
Test prop
Test base

Ok nvm lol i thought you were replying to me sorry lol its a link to thread thank you @Bigmurph

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Thank you for this definitely understand this much better than what i found on this thank you

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You do not have have pin DHB everyday

You don’t have to but I definitely don’t recommend pushing a large amount at one time.

Pushing a small amount and rotating injection sites was the only way I was ever able to use it but it supposedly has a cypionate ester attached.


Yeah I bet it would hurt, I haven’t used it, but it apparently it hurts

No one is getting angry brother you’re asking a legitimate question. Most people will tell you that they know about this compound but most of everything that is out there is bullshit.
Most of everything known about this compound comes from people’s experience using it which alot of times is just opinion and everyone has different experiences.
Like they say it’s like trenbolone? How its not even a nor19 but someone who took it wrote on another forum that its like tren so that’s one of the top searches that comes back on 1testcyp.
Dhb and 1testcyp are basically brand names just like decca or winny or eq.


So im i right on its halflife is 8-10 days but best to pin every 4-6 days 1-testcyp

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I really want to say thank you for your knowledge here ive been on 2 other forums an this is by far the best one were i can find or receive info without being completely bashed or made fun of cause of not knowing been wanting to brew sometime for once here in the near future but still looking for something that hasnt shutdown or something is reputable ill find one but wnt be tell after all this crap on this virus goes away


Ask questions in the right category. Someone will help you out.


Thank you allready gotten what i was looking for.

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I was referring to the brewing. When you’re ready just ask in the home brew category.


You are correct, I would do 2-3x a week, but I believe Murph, was saying ED cause it hurts, so he would pin smaller amount on daily basis, so less pip.

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